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Will wearing an evil eye or hamsa harm me


Do you really believe that bad omens, voodoo and evil satanic rituals come from wearing amulets?

hamsa charm necklace

You might.

Or you might not.

Now, let me start off with by sharing this post with you I want to make it clear that I am in no way or form attempting to humiliate the person who left this comment on our Amazon page.

I do not know her name, and she left no email.

We have had no communication at all regarding this piece of jewelry.

Also, it is against Jewish law to make fun of someone in public-- to shame them in front of others.

Bava metzia 58b

.תני תנא קמיה דרב נחמן בר יצחק: כל המלבין פני חבירו ברבים כאילו שופך דמים

One who embarrasses another in public, it is as if that person shed blood.

Babylonian Talmud, Bava Mezia 58b

In fact, this article, although off topic regarding amulets and Satan, explains the Talmudic verse very well. 

The above passage states that if you intentionally humiliate another in front of other people, it is as if you have killed them.

Yes, it goes that far in saying that one should never-ever humiliate another person intentionally and ridicule them in public.

And in no way or form do I intend to do that, but I do need to talk about this review on Amazon-- as it harms our business and there are many interesting points to discuss.

Let's begin.  This is the entire review.

But, here's the item ordered so you can visualize it:

hamsa and evil eye amulet necklace

 satanic 1 star review amazon

The review starts by saying that horrible things have happened to her, and that the reason for the necklace being bought was to wear it as a protector and to keep evil away.

However, does such a thing really exist? 

Yes and no.

For centuries and centuries all cultures around the world have been using, making, and wearing different types of amulets for and against evil.

The word "amulet" comes from the Latin word amulētum.  The earliest use of that term was found in Pliny the Elder's Natural History from 79 CE, where it was referred to "an object that protects a person from trouble."

See, an amulet is an object that people have to BELIEVE has magical powers, strength, and phenomenal powers.  

The key word here is believe.

To believe that it has the power to protect you in general, or from a very specific thing.  But, an amulet has no power of their own without being blessed.

But, who can bless an amulet? 

Ah, that is a wonderful question.


Perhaps, in the case above, it was blessed by the owner?

I can vouch for our line of jewelry, that we DO NOT personally bless each piece.

Nor do we claim anywhere that we do.

"The Roman Catholic Church maintains that the legitimate use of sacramentals in its proper disposition is encouraged only by a firm faith and devotion to the Triune God, and not by any magical or superstitious belief bestowed on the sacramental. In this regard, rosariesscapulars, medals, and other devotional religious Catholic paraphernalia derive their power, not simply from the symbolism displayed in the object, but rather from the blessing of the Catholic Church which comes from God." --Taken from Wikipedia.

A blessing to have "it" work.

I am not here to claim that a blessing must be made by a religious institution, I do not have the authority to say that.  That is a quote by the Church.

Just as in Christianity, in Judaism, amulets too are plentiful.

Since the praying to idols and other graven images is forbidden in Jewish law, amulets take on text and names, shapes, materials, and colors. Examples of these amulets include the Star of David, Chai, mezuzot and more.  

If you were to look in scripture, as found in Psalm 91:1-16, it states that God is there to protect all of us and shield us.  

"For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways."  

This leads to a very interesting point!

Perhaps the amulet that was purchased, worn and at first admired by the customer, was actually blessed by her, herself?

Stay with me here.

She mentions a horrific mass shooting: "he is ok"

Screened for cancer: had the cancer not been found, then what?

Horrible illness: able to recover

Stung by a bee: 27 years old and never been stung, could have had a terrible and very serious reaction but did not occur.

Perhaps, just perhaps, God was watching over her and protecting her? 

Perhaps, the blessing and hope she had for the amulet pendant did protect her from these horrific misfortunes and turned the bad into good?

Who is to say? 

Surely, I do not have answer.

To say a piece is laced in evil omens, voodoo magic would also be part of a belief system.  

And Satan...

Again, you would have to believe.


Amulets have been around for over 1900 years, from all walks of life and cultures. They are also found in the Bible and in the Judeo-Christian religions. 

However, each religion states, in some from or other, that the amulet must be blessed for it to work.

How is it blessed? One would assume that it is blessed by either a clergyman, practitioner of magic, or by oneself.  

There are countless stories you hear of the blessing of healing, of good fortune, of love, weddings, success, happiness and so much more.  

Stories that bring you to tears of joy.

I cannot say what attributes these blessings other than belief. 

And who am I to say belief and blessings do not "work?"

So, to the lady who left this review-- I wish you well.

What do you think of blessings and belief?

Have you had a success with amulets, blessings and beliefs?

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  • My first thoughts were similar to yours.. involved in a mass shooting and survived, sounds horrible but only the experience..not the survival. right?! I am glad a doctor finds concerning things on my body and has the sense to not ignore them but tests them for something that could be life threatening so that I have a chance to live! Hum, getting a sickness and surviving..many don’t. Do I say the amulets work..If you have thank God for miracles, if not you thank luck. I believe in things that are beyond my understanding..but then biochemistry to me is also fascinating. I believe we can scare ourselves to death and also be incredibly fortunate that good things happen but then the interpretation of what is a good thing is up to the half full or half empty. I don’t believe a rosary bead or a cross or a star of david or hamsah is my gift to safety…hum I do think a mezuzah is a good idea..comment??

  • I just had to read this revue out of curiosity. All I have to say to this is just another example of sheer stupidity.

    margaret parris

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