Colorful Evil Eye Bracelets for Your Arm To Wear Daily and Protect You


Colorful Evil Eye Bracelets for Your Arm To Wear Daily and Protect You - Alef Bet by Paula

Oh Yes!!

It's time to create your own arm party.

You're probably wondering what an evil eye arm party is, let us explain.

Evil eyes are amulets designed to watch over and protect you.

Each color has a special attribute, but the eye itself is worn to "watch over."

But, you can read about their powers and protective qualities over on the blog here and here.

So, let's concentrate now on the party!


 evil eye party for mom and daughter

A party of bracelets is a celebration of colors, designs and what you put together on one of your wrists.

It's a display of what you have, not about what matches.

When you go to a party there is a mixture of people, food, entertainment--right?

The same should be on your arm-- a mixture of textures and colors of chains, beads, and materials. 

And you're the artist.

But, what about the new collection of evil eye designs?

Ooooh, you know what good questions to ask, don't you!

Here you go!

The red-colored eyes are geared more for protection and to keep the yucky-harmful stuff at bay.

Whereas the blue is more for luck-- ushering in good luck and prosperity.

I have no proof whatsoever, but I always think that blue is associated with blue eyes.  That you're "lucky" to have blue eyes so that is where the blue and luck come from.  

Again, no proof at all.  Never ever googled it, just made it up.

But, it does sort of make sense, right?

Let me know if you agree with my simple thinking.

The design shown right above us is cool. 

And you can choose the color of the eye bead to match whatever it is you are looking to "fix." (And we use the word "fix" in quotes, as each person's journey in life is different than another's)

Here are the choices:


  •  Protection, health and clarity
  • Sharper memory and to help concentrate
  • Relief from depression, panic, exhaustion, and burnout


  • Happiness
  • Need for change and growth in life
  • New state of balance
  • Protection from fear and anxiety


  • Re-balance
  • Calmness
  • Use your imagination to its fullest


  • Courage 
  • Protection overall
  • Increase energy and enthusiasm

Light Blue 

  • Protection
  • Learn new information and appreciate peace around you
  • Broaden your perspective on life

Dark Blue 

  • Good karma
  • Protection
  • Calmness and relaxation to counteract chaos

Red is really just a beautiful color, and now that we know about its protective qualities, it just makes it so much more attractive.  Besides the fact that so many "eyes" watching over you from all directions-- it really is just a feeling that is hard to describe in words.

The image under the red single eye is basically the same design, but much much much smaller in size and with a blue eye, not the red.  The sterling silver beads are also available in 14k yellow gold or rose gold fill if you prefer yellow over the silver.

Are you convinced yet to add a single or multiple, bracelet to your "arm party?"

We'd love to see a picture of it when you do!

Here's a link to the bead bracelet collection. 


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