Could One Bracelet Unite the USA?


Could One Bracelet Unite the USA? - Alef Bet by Paula

There are 2 important facts that I know about football

  • Great snacks are served on Superbowl Sunday

  • My 8-year-old nephew can rattle off statistics about football that can stump any adult.  


Other than that, I know nothing about the game.


But I do a thing or two about antisemitism and racism. 


I know that there is NO place for it in this world.  End of discussion. Period.


(Once again) there is controversy surrounding Jews, but this time it involves the NFL and one player, DeSean Jackson.   No need to go into details and you can read about it all here in the Tablet magazine article titled: Pittsburgh Steeler Zach Banner Stands Up For the Jews .

It's a highly informative article.

But what struck me the most was this man, Mr. Banner, a football player who spoke up against the hatred. 

It is quite incredible. 

Since I cannot compliment his talent as a football player, I will compliment him on his genuine and heartfelt words that literally brought tears to my eyes.

Watch Zach Banner on Instagram here.



Zach Banner, a true mensch.  I am sure his parents are very proud of him.

I will never have the chance to thank you in person, so this post will have to do.


We hope that you'll join us in donating to Mr. Banner's charity, B3Foundation, because if we as a community can educate our youth, we can change the world for the better.

Alef Bet by Paula will donate 100% of the profit to Mr. Banner's B3 Foundation:

red string of fate bracelet

Red String of Fate Peace Sign Bracelet 

There is a saying in the Bible, "One who saves the life of another saves the entire world."

One child at a time.

Thank you Zach Banner for having the voice we do not have.


(Alef Bet by Paula has no affiliation with the NFL or with the B3Foundation. Alef Bet is committed to stopping antisemitism one small step at a time and does promise that 100% of the profits from the peace sign bracelet will benefit the B3foundation)




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Bless him. And bless you for doing this.


Thank you for the post, what an amazing person to speak out against the dumbness of antisemitism as much as the dumbness of black inequality. Yes..his parents must be proud…and what a great gesture to donate profits to his fund. Your mother should be proud too!


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