We're Not Just Planting a Tree for Father's Day This Year | Gift This Pendant

No, we are not planting a tree for dad this year on Father's Day.

Instead, we are gifting him a charm that represents life this year.


tree of life for father's day



Why a tree? What does it symbolize? 

Well, it’s pretty simple: a dad is symbolically the roots of a family, and the kids and grandkids are the branches.

Life is extended from dad.

He is the foundation, the roots, the soil the strength.

The tree of life.

Life from which we developed.

Without him, we wouldn’t have grown up to be the apple of his eye? (Ok, that might be a bit cheesy, but it works with reference to the tree, right?)

tree charm for dad

Tree of Life Necklace

Trees make wonderful gifts, and we think DAD will rock this dog tag necklace.  Explain it to him about the symbolism of the tree and why you chose this symbol.  If you need a bit of guidance on what a tree symbolizes, we have a post for that here.

Another idea is perhaps to gift this necklace along with a tree to plant in his honor and tell him you are watching it grow just as he is watching, loving, and nurturing you.

Something totally cool about this charm is that it was hand-drawn by a Los Angeles based tattoo artist.  He actually drew the image and we converted it into a pendant.  The style is edgy, perfect for a guy that loves jewelry. 

tree charm silver

We’ve created a video to show you the style and features of the pendant. Check it out here .

Order your dad's necklace today, gift wrapped of course, www.alefbet.com

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