National Girlfriend Day Has No Date-- Just Announced


National Girlfriend Day Has No Date-- Just Announced - Alef Bet by Paula

National Girlfriend Day is officially August 1st-- but this year (and possibly all other years to come), we've decided to make it have no date at all.


Why do we need a date to show our best friend we miss her and appreciate her friendship? 

Same goes with mom, sister, cousin, whomever!



This year, we've chosen a few pieces of jewelry that are just perfect for 2020 and the world-wide pandemic of covid19.  YUCK!

Protection and health are the issues at hand this year, and sending your bff a gift that wards off the evil eye and promotes health and healing is the top of our gift-giving list.


Lucky Eye Bracelets


These cheerful eyes come in many colors as well as gold or sterling silver.  The red is geared more for protection, the blue for luck, and the multi-colored covers all bases.  If you'd like to know more about the colors of an evil eye, read about on the blog.


invisible choker eye necklace

Invisible Floating Eye Necklace


No, you're not seeing nothing.  

It's an evil eye, set in gold, strung on an invisible chain.  Super fun to wear and never worry about taking off either, water-safe, and sparkly all-in-one.


hamsa hand earrings

Hamsa Earrings


Hamsa hands are multi-cultural good luck symbols often scene in your local yoga studio.  They usher in goodness, and push back anything negative coming your way.  Learn more about the power of a hamsa here.


These little studs, set in sterling silver, are adorable.  You can even break up the pair and send one to her and keep one for yourself as the "modern day bff necklace."  Remember the hearts that would break in half, and you would take either the Best or the Friend?  These earrings would be a better looking "break" that is for sure!


charm hamsa necklace

Hamsa Charm Necklace


When simply one hamsa hand won't do!

This necklace steals the show, and we're not just saying that because we wear it all the time. It just is fantastic!  The little good luck charms dance on your neck and hit the sunlight perfectly while deflecting evil. 

What more can you ask for?

A matching bracelet?  We'll work on that idea, trust us!



Love Bracelet


Love is love is love.  And what is love if not true friendship?  

If not a mother's love?  A sister's?

LOVE is handset with pave cubic zircon stones.  We love a good "cz" because they look just like diamonds but at a fraction of the price. They never dull or become cloudy either and they take to jewelry cleaner solutions like true gems.

Oh, by the way here is a great jewelry cleaner we highly recommend. It is called Connoisseurs, is found on and it's under $10.

So, this National Girlfriend day, which has no day in our minds, send her a treat and just say how much you love and miss her.

How you can't wait for drinks out in a bar, coffee together at a coffee-house, playing with one another's kids again, or just sitting quietly on the couch together, saying nothing at all.

So here's to all the girls out there!

Happy National Girlfriend Day!









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