Our Stylish Cross Necklace

Why is a Jewish company making crosses?

Aren't you Jewish?

Yes, these are questions we are asked from time to time.

And yes, we do make crosses.

And, we make one that is stunning if I do say so myself!

But, I am not the bragging type, so I am going to let Heidi, of Tumble Swoon do the bragging for us through her blog, Tumble Swoon.

Heidi actually found us on Amazon, where we exclusively sell this cross necklace.

Here she is wearing the pendant: 

And it was such a lovely surprise to receive an email from her asking to feature this necklace on her blog.

Again, you can read it here.

So, back to that opening sentence we often get asked, "you make crosses?"

And in response to that, we do.

And we design hamsa, heart and evil eye symbols as well.

"Everyone should find a symbol, a connection to make themselves feel complete. Safe. Happy. Proud. Wonderful," says Alissa. "And if we can design that for you, be it a cross, a Messianic Star, a Jewish Star, or an evil eye, then nothing makes us feel prouder."

Again, thank you, Heidi, and to check out that exquisite cross necklace over on Amazon, click the image below.

cross silver necklace


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