The Only Piece of Jewelry You NEED This Year


The Only Piece of Jewelry You NEED This Year - Alef Bet by Paula

1 Simple Chain Will Be All You Need This Entire Year-- A Paperclip Chain.

It's simply stunning.

Elegant, drop-dead gorgeous and affordable.

And better, yet-- you can add your own charms to the chain so all you need is this one chain.

You won't need to buy anything else this year.  Seriously.

Let's learn how.

Step by step. 

This is the basic paperclip chain in 14k gold-fill, which is different and much better than gold-plated, and a step down from 14k gold.

It is basically a mixture of gold and silver, where the 14k gold is on the outside, and the inside sterling silver.  Like an eggshell that protects that the yolk, this is 14k that protects the silver.  (Hope that visual helps)

Plated jewelry, also great and we plate many pieces, does not have the lifetime value that is guaranteed with gold-fill jewelry.  It's safe to shower in, won't wear off at all over time since it's 14k gold on the outside (or the eggshell).

And remember, it's not brass mixed with gold.

Back to the paperclip chains.

Alef Bet offers 4 sizes, and you can choose your length.  

These are the widths-- from micro to extra-large.  

micro paperclip chain

This is the micro-paperclip chain.  Dainty, minimal and thin.  

This chain starts at $18, see it here.


medium paperclip chain

Medium paperclip chain, also available in sterling silver, is another lovely choice of chain.

This starts at $41 for gold-filled, see it here.

It also comes in sterling silver, starting at $21, see it here.  

large paperclip chain

7/16" is the size of each of the large paperclip chain links in this heavier, chunkier design.  It can be worn as a bracelet, starting at $35, all the way up to 36".  A longer chain can be worn long, simply toss it over your head, or even double up as a choker.

See it here.

And finally, our largest chain link is the extra-large paperclip chain.

heavy paperclip chain

The links on this chain measure 1/2" each, and is available 3 ways: 

  • Gold-filled, see it here
  • Sterling silver, see it here

  • Solid 14k, see it here 

We lined up the chains individually since there are so many choices, we know it gets confusing.

So, now we are going to show you even more choices on how to style these chains (and confuse you more).

Style Your Paperclip Chains with Charms

There is a simple rule when moving charms from one chain to another.

*Watch the jumpring

what is a jumpring size

A jumpring is a ring that opens and closes and attaches the charm to the chain. 

Look at the charms that you want to use.  If the ring opens, you're in luck. With a simple adjustment you, or a local jeweler, can remove the jumpring (if need be) and replace it with a large one so you can swap out your pendant and move it to a new chain, like the paperclip chain.

If the charm is soldered to the chain, like in the middle image, there is nothing you can do aside from cutting the charm off of the chain. And, unless you want to ruin it, we don't advise that route.

The final issue that might arise is when the ring is actually soldered the chain and it's tiny.  There are workarounds to fix this, but cutting and soldering should be done by a jeweler. Have them replace the tiny ring with a larger one so it can be moved from chain to chain.

We've got the charm, now what?

You've chosen your charms, you've adjusted the jumpring, now what?

It's easy.

Slide and enjoy.

large ring for charm

The rings are large enough now to go through the new chain.  Notice that it isn't the smaller size as the images in the diagram above.

If you have questions about the size of your jumprings, please know you can always reach out to us.


charm selection

Next step is to go through your jewelry, and realize that you most likely have some awesome pendants that just need a new chain.

Our friend found all of her mother's charm bracelet pendants, put them on the large link paperclip chain and rushed over to show us.  They were incredible looking, and each piece of jewelry was full of memories that she was now able to once again enjoy.  I know what you're thinking, where's the picture?


Another styling tip, don't worry about mixing colors or sizes.

Layer it up, pile it on!

You're the stylist.

Upcycle your jewelry with a new chain.

The pendants shown in the black box above are some our pieces, and they are now sold individually without the chain. 

Since we encourage everyone to wear an amulet of some sort, we'd be crazy not to show you an evil eye, hamsa, star or chai, right?

 hamsa charm

The hamsa, worn to usher in luck and health, is sold individually in either silver or gold with a single, large jumpring.

Although this picture looks strange, the evil eyes are sold one-by-one and are so fun to wear. They'll watch over and protect you and make everything is a-ok!

At $10 apiece, these little handmade ceramic amulets are a treat.


hamsa and evil eye charm

The best of both worlds-- hamsa and evil eye charm that is sold individually as well. See it here.

Of course, we also offer Hebrew initials that look OMG amazing on the paperclip chains!


You can buy the Hebrew letters individually here and add them to your own chain, or buy best looking Hebrew necklace around already on a chain here.

Have we convinced you yet as to why you need to buy a paperclip chain?

We hope we have and we hope you'll share your new upcycled look with us as well!

Be sure to comment on this post with what you're excited to add to a new chain and wear again.

If you'd like to learn more, be sure to reach out to us!

P.S.-- Here are two videos about the chain

This shows you how to add charms with evil eyes, hamsa hands and even a chai Hebrew charm.  That was what we had in stock to show you.


The following day we set up a little Facebook Live on how to actually change out the jumprings on your jewelry so you can swap them out yourself.  It's really simple to do, and we know you'll enjoy the look after.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts and send us the pictures of what you're interested in adding to your new chain.  

Looking forward to your comments,



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Hello Alissa:) I have 2 large pendants(about the size of a 1/2 dollar). Would they look better on a large link paperclip carabiner necklace or a solid carabiner curb chain?

Lynn Neill

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