Red Evil Eye Meaning-- What Does it Mean?


Red Evil Eye Meaning-- What Does it Mean? - Alef Bet by Paula

What does the red color of an evil eye represent? What are the red color powers?

Red is a spectacular color with over 445 shades, according to drawingblog.  

But, with all of its colors and shades there is more to the color--- there is a meaning.

Attributes associated with what the color represents when combined with an evil eye and/or hamsa hand amulet. You see, the amulet provides protection from evil meant directly for you, but the color brings an extra added perk above and beyond the "normal" amulet.

meaning of a red evil eye
Red evil eye keychain

The four qualities of red are:

  • Courage

  • Protection from fear and anxiety

  • Enthusiasm

  • Energy

Red is also a very common color that is found and worn on bracelets world-wide. They are better known as a red string of fate bracelets or bendel bracelets.

The next time you need to chose what color evil eye amulet to purchase either for a loved one or for yourself, think beyond what your favorite color is look to the properties associated with the color as well.

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