Self-Care is More Essential Than We Ever Thought


Self-Care is More Essential Than We Ever Thought - Alef Bet by Paula
Self-care and our mental state of mind is more important than ever before.

As we progress down the road, farther and farther into the pandemic, our lives have been reshaped and our minds as well.

Luckily, the stigma of mental health is easing up and discussions are opening up on how important our mental well being is during these troubling times. We aren't here to suggest a cure, or talk about the rights and wrong of covid19, but perhaps just starting to talk about products that can aide in our journey to a healthier mind, body and spirit is ripe for conversations.

Here's a short list of products that are easily available for sale on the internet that touch upon healing and improving one's mental health, and are things we can use at home.


writing down feeling in journal

Hamsa Hand Journal

Writing down thoughts and feelings are a wonderful way to express your thoughts, feelings and concerns. Reflective writing in a journal helps to provide a greater sense of emotional clarity and has been shown to improve overall mental well-being.

Bath Bombs and Epsom Salt

Relaxing with a soothing, hot bath is also amazing for a mental health improvement day.

Toss in an adorable bath bomb or epsom salt crystals and soak your worries away. It's so easy to craft at home as well, it might just lead into a new hobby and eventually a new business, one never knows! Epsom salts are a fast-dissolving chemical compound, and when they are combined with a variety of fragrances they take on a whole new look, smell and feel like the donut shaped bomb above!

Evil Eye Amulets

These BLUE eyes, although called evil, are actually not bad or harmful at all.

Just the opposite actually, they are indeed very lucky and are used as an amulet to keep the evil away and watch over and protect you. Hang a glass eye on the outside of your house, in a tree, or above your door to keep the harm from entering your home Alternatively, you can hang the blue evil eye amulet indoors to bless, protect, and watch over your loved ones.

In fact, the amulets make excellent gifts during pandemic as just a "thinking of you gift".

Excercise Bike

Indoor exercise bikes have a universal appeal due to their ability to provide a safe, low-impact cardiovascular workout in your bedroom. Adjust the resistance, join a zoom class, and you've got a recipe for success. It's a known fact that increasing your heart rate, getting those endorphins up and active is a definite mood enhancer. Even going outside for a walk or jog will do the trick to improve your mood and mental state. The expression, "clear your head" wasn't pulled out of thin air, right?

All in all, we need human communication to improve our mental health.

We need touch points, and we need to know we care for one another.

Sometimes a little gesture as simple as a phone call is all it takes, for others a gift in the mail saying I am thinking of you.

What we all need to do is to remind ourselves to exercise and relax. We all need to know this too shall pass, we only hope sooner than later!

While we don't claim to know the answers, we do hope these suggestions spark an interest in your own emotional and mental improvement.

If you're interested in purchasing a good luck amulet for yourself, or to send as a gift to one who needs a blessing, a pick-me-up, a human touch Alef Bet would love to help.

You can see the evil eye and hamsa hand amulet collection on the website, where each piece is unique and there are over 20 styles to choose from.

From our family to yours, we wish all of us, all over the world healing and good health!

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