Simple and Easy Gifts to Send to Someone You Miss During Quarantine


Simple and Easy Gifts to Send to Someone You Miss During Quarantine - Alef Bet by Paula
miss you zoom me mom
I miss you.
Thinking of you.
I appreciate you.

Little words that hold so much meaning, are so valued and sentimental and yet so hard to sometimes say them aloud.

During quarantine 2020, those words ring so loud in our ears that they hurt!
I miss you, I am thinking of you, I appreciate all you and do and, let's not forget, I am sorry. 
I am sorry for you not being able to celebrate a birthday, a wedding a baby shower, graduation with you. I am sorry you are missing out on what was so commonplace before the covid19 pandemic.

Amid all of the precautions we are taking-- mask-wearing, hand washing, no coughing, social distancing, no sneezing, and no touching.  It is tiresome, but yes, necessary until the vaccine comes along so we ask--

What can we do to bring a cheerful smile?

A small gift with a touching card is a starting step.

miss you card for high school student

Here is a card we sent today to a high school senior graduate, that is hopefully going to college this fall but cannot graduate on stage with her class. 
Bella's grandmother asked us to mail her a small gold star necklace that she can wear always.  

evil eye bracelet

Another very popular gift we are sending is this appreciation gift for nurses and doctors that are working to care for all of us.  And let's not forget the grocery store workers, the cleaning people, the delivery workers and so many more!

A bit of protection, an evil eye amulet, to watch over and make sure they are healthy is wonderful to lift their spirits during these trying times.

gift for a friend

This protection blue lucky eye bracelet was sent with a note printed that simply read, "Sending love and protection to your home and arm party."

There are so many ways to say those kind and touching words during this "crazy" time in our world, our lives!

For every day and always, thinking of you in the present is meaningful as well as touching.

How often do we get to go to the mail and receive a gift?  Not very often.  And of course, with this pandemic and uncertainty, it is a trying time for sure, but who doesn't adore mail?

It isn't the amount you spend, it's action.  The time you took to send that wish you health, patience, and strength gift and/or card.  From a baby to an adult, to a mom or a grandparent everyone will appreciate the thought.  

glass nazar eye

Have you thought about sending a Turkish lucky blue evil eye? They are so very popular now and are an amulet to cast away any harm from entering your home.  It can be hung inside or outside of your house and makes a lovely and sentimental be well gift. 

wall hamsa amulets
In fact, there is an entire blog post you'll find interesting that explains the meaning of the hamsa hand and the evil eye amulets for a home or office.

A red string of fate protection bracelet is another highly popular gift that a child to an adult would cherish now more than.
red strign of fate
heart red string protection

From our family to yours, we wish you strength and good fortune.  Peace and especially good health.  If you're looking to send out a little thinking of you gift, a little piece of "protection" during these trying and strange times, we hope Alef Bet by Paula can help.
-Alissa & Paula

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