The Powers of a Red String | What Are They?

Red string bracelets and the powers that it contains, read about it.


evil eye and red string of fate bracelet for women
Evil eye and red string bracelet

The Meaning Behind a Red String-- What's So Special About it?

The red color, obviously, is a color that you're drawn to. It stands out and is "loud."

Red string bracelets are associated with protection across many cultures, from the Middle East to South America. It is worn to ward off evil, and has been used as a good luck and protective color for thousands of years.

Alef Bet Jewelry has taken it a step further by adding a lucky hamsa hand, an evil eye, a heart, a tree of life charm among many others, to the design. A hamsa, also a multi-cultural amulet, ushers in luck and good health while at the same time pushing back any negativity coming your way.

A tree of life to know your family roots and where you belong or "came from." A heart represents love, an evil eye to watch over and send back any harm or evil intent that is on its way towards you.

But, you might be asking:

How Do You Create the Luck of the Bracelet?

The person wearing the bracelet is actually the one that must activate the luck and protection of the bracelet. Strange, right?

All you have to do is simply believe and want it. It needs to be "between you and the bracelet." Only you can create luck and prosperity by actually believing that you can. The rest, well.... we wait and see.

Catholic saint and red string of fate bracelet
St. Benedict red string bracelet

Is This Bracelet From Kabbalah or Rachel's Tomb?

This is not an actual Kabbalah bracelet, it has to be blessed by a Kabbalah center. We encourage you to make your own blessing that is carried through to the bracelet. Blessings such as: Health, conception, luck, success, happiness, love, friendship, joy, and fortune are all attributes associated with this good-luck charm bracelet. One folkloric tale about the red string goes all the way back to the Matriarch Rachel from the Bible. You can read about it here.

What If The Bracelet Breaks or Gets Lost?

If the bracelet breaks, falls off, or if you lose it, superstition says that the "evil/bad omen" went to the bracelet and not to you, the wearer.  That it broke, was lost or vanished at just the "right time."These red string bendel bracelets, with a lucky hamsa amulet, or any charm make the perfect gift for a loved one or a best friend. For the entire collection of Alef Bet's red string bendel bracelets, take a look


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