What Can I Buy a Friend for Hanukkah?


What Can I Buy a Friend for Hanukkah? - Alef Bet by Paula

What to buy a Jewish friend for Hanukkah this year?

amazon jewish star necklace

A lot of people would say hush away from something religious.

I say take two steps forward, not backwards.

You might be saying to yourself-- "I don't know. Will she ever wear this?"

You might.

You just might.

But, do you know what you might also do?

You most probably will bring a smile to someone's face and gift them a memorial piece of jewelry that they will cherish always.

You "might" just do that with a symbol of faith-- a Star of David.

Yea, you might be going out on a limb here and that little annoying voice in the back of your head will continue to whisper, "but will she ever wear this?"

I don't know.

You don't know either, but it's worth a chance.

And it sure lasts longer than a gift card to the coffee shop down the street.

That's why Amazon chose this Star of David and Love Necklace for their holiday gift collection.


amazon home decor collection with jewish star for hanukkah necklace

It's a lovely piece of jewelry that highlights the love and the beauty we all see in life.

It celebrates faith, religious freedom and the values held dear to your heart and soul.

And it looks great.

Awesome, even.

jewish star necklace for women

This year, and the next and the next, she'll love this perfect gift.

Don't shy away from controversial items such as a religious symbol.

Embrace the gift, embrace the moment, and let your friend, or loved one, know that you are there to celebrate holidays, religious occasions and that she should be proud of her heritage.

And that they have a great friend, a terrific one actually.

And if they hate it, they can always return it.

But, there's no way they are going to dislike this stylish-faith based pendant that says LOVE with a Jewish star.

Check out the rest of Alef Bet Jewelry's Amazon collection here.



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