What Does the Color Orange Mean on an Evil Eye?


What Does the Color Orange Mean on an Evil Eye? - Alef Bet by Paula

What does an orange evil eye color mean?

An evil eye, or a mal de ojo, found with the color orange holds more power than just a simple lucky charm evil eye.


Every color holds different meanings, in fact, we have an entire blog about the colors of the evil eye and you can read about that here.

But, each color hold powers and attributes of their own.

Let's break it down-- in the center of the amulet charm is the color blue, which is associated with luck. It watches over and protects you, sending back any harm that was meant for you back to the sender.

You know, the harm that makes you physically ill? The malicious stares and jealousy that people hold for others? Yea, that can develop into some awful stuff, so we want to send that right back to them. Have it "bounce" right off of our amulet and let them "stew in their own misery."

orange colorful wall decor

Here are the interpretations, meanings associated with the color orange:

  • Happiness

  • Playfulness

  • Creativity

  • Commitment

  • Motivation

Let's think for a moment-- orange evil eye amulet is the perfect gift idea to purchase for someone that is creative and playful.

An artist?



Fashion designer?

Video creator?

Blogger, influencer on Instagram or you-tuber that creates content online.

It would also be a very touching item to buy a gift with orange for one that is seeking the motivation and commitment to continue on in life, on whatever path they are seeking. Even if the path is unknown, this is the color for one desiring happiness and the motivation to continue on, even when we are down.

So, the next time you're seeing orange we hope it will call you to your playful and happy side.

May you always be protected.

May you always be blessed.

May you always find happiness in life.

May you always be healthy.

May you always be loved.

If you'd like to carry this colorful orange and evil eye with you wherever life leads, Alefbet.com offers both an orange evil eye and orange hamsa hand keychain.




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