What is the Meaning of an Evil Eye and the Colors?


What is the Meaning of an Evil Eye and the Colors? - Alef Bet by Paula

You're curious what is the meaning of an evil eye? And wondering what do the colors represent?

Probably along with those question is tell me about the evil eye and what does it symbolize? 

We all know the traditional blue Turkish eye color is for luck.

A round, blue eye like the one shown below, is what we are talking about.  It is an amulet you can hang on a wall to bless and protect your home, and if you want to see it online it's located here.

blue evil eye charm for home
Golden rimmed evil eye amulet

But what is luck? 

How is luck defined?

It could mean luck for good health, or luck to watch over you and protect you.  Luck that you drive to work safely.

Luck even for healing, and you can read more about healing and eyes over on the blog, here

Luck-- it is however YOU define luck.

My luck is for sure different than your luck.

But, there are also amulets that usher in luck, like the blue eye seen above.

In the Middle East, Turkey, Israel, South America, Greece and so many other countries around the world we often see a blue eye used for luck.

An evil eye.

It doesn’t really matter what you call the evil eye, it’s that deep blue of the mal de ojo, ojo turco, mati, or Nazar Eye that is the mother-load color for the eye of all eyes. 

Creme-de-la-creme of luck.

It's actually a lucky or good luck eye in blue, not really so evil.

It’s the traditional color for good karma, positive energies, and protection against the evil eye. This stunning eye measures 5" across, and is easily affixed to your wall with a thumb-tack.  Alef Bet has them listed on their website, take a look!

glass evil eye


But, there are so many other colors that we find with the evil eye. 

It’s the other colors of the eyes that are so intriguing.

When you see images or clothing with different colored eyes on them, their symbolic representation is alluring. And they really aren't seen that many places either.  For example, this pink scarf with a pink eye.  Unfortunately, the webpage was taken down, but it sure is lovely!

fushcia evil eye scarf

Now, with all of the different types of harmful stuff out there, one can easily realize why we need different types of luck or good fortune.

But let’s first learn about the three kinds of evil eyes and then we’ll discuss the colors.

Three kinds of evil eyes:

The first are unconscious evil eyes. These harm people and things, without intending to.

The second type intends to harm.

The third one is unseen, hidden evil which is the scariest. 

So, what does it mean to harm someone without intention?

It might be the look you give someone on a quick glance, the rolling of your eyes when they say something or do something.  The thoughts that go through your mind and are not spoken aloud against someone.  

These actions and thoughts send out negative energy toward that person without you even realizing it.

The second type is what we consider, “with intention.” 

It’s the gossip you spread about someone, the rage you feel toward another. The stare down or cursing, you know-- when someone cuts you off with their car on the road, then slows down right in front of you-- you scream and holler in the car and think of every possible bad thing that can happen to them, actually happen. 

This is level two-- voicing aloud the evil eye curse even if you yourself do not invoke harm, you’ve made it known aloud either verbally or even with the extreme body language as in a stare down or finger sign-salute.


The third type, the unseen, well that is a whole different level of evil-- the stuff evil eye amulets were made for.

This, being the scariest, is a form of premeditated evil, with layers involved in doing harm onto others.  There are many different causes; jealousy, envy, coveting that will cause this type of evil. 

In other words, your good fortune is affected by someone’s jealousy so some sort of bad luck may happen to you as a result, like feeling bad physically or psychologically.

This is exactly why an armful of evil eye bracelets, like these below, are worn-- to keep this far away!  We encourage you to continue reading, of course.  And take a small peek at these colorful bracelets as well.

Evil Eye Bracelets Wear One or More Today

A legend within the Greek communities say the signs for Matiasma “Mati” Evil Eye can result in the following:

Severe headache


A sudden feeling of discomfort

To fall into the emptiness as consciousness

Suddenly emerged unwanted accidents

Unreasonable negativity in your job or home life

Stress and tension

An intense desire to sleep

No wonder we put up an evil eye in our homes and places of work, in our car, and even wear them as jewelry!

blue braceletBlue Evil Eye Bracelet Click to View
Holy Moly!

And so, we use the eye to destroy evil and neutralize its force. 

The third one is the scariest, have to agree. 

The idea behind it is that all of the bad energy will be directed to the amulets, the evil eyes.  That is why we put up evil eye charms in our homes, in our car, and even wear them as jewelry.  

And if they break, crack, or are lost the legend has it they absorbed the harm, jealousy, envy, and so forth, thus protecting you.   

We never cry over a broken evil eye amulet. 


In Turkey, they have evil eye trees to protect their homes.

And they look great too.  

If you'd like to build your own tree, it's actually very easy.

Just hang the blue glass eyes from a limb on your tree and let it protect your loved ones from any harm.  There's an entire page of different glass amulets on Alef Bet's website: glass amulets.

 Evil Eyes for Outdoors

What a great place to hang out with a book, a glass of wine or a mug of hot coffee, and hear the glass eyes rattling in the wind, right?   

Many people put up artwork of the eye in their homes or home office, for much of the same reason. 

That the bad energy will go there, instead of to them. 

Another idea is to wear jewelry with any combination of colorful eyes, or just a single colorful eye.

Remember how we said blue is for luck?

What about the other colors found on an evil eye? Yes, that all carry their own meaning.

There is:

Black for power 

Red for courage and protection

Green as happiness 

white for wealth 

Turquoise for health

Coral of Orange for protection

Pink for love

Light green for success

Purple for intelligence

Depending on what you are wanting to ward off, or usher into your life, choose accordingly. 

Overall, the blue is the most common when good luck is called for.

For a new (or existing) businesses or a house-warming gift, an evil eye is the perfect gift to bless them with protection and blessings.   Really, for any occasion when a 'good luck' wish is called for. 

That is why we see the lucky eyes in so many art forms, so we can always have it nearby, protecting us and wishing us well.   

There are earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to adorn your body-- and all very pretty too!  See the collection of bracelets, like these that are only $17 each!  And notice how many different colors there are, each holding their own special meaning.


These bracelets are so fun to wear, and once you put them on you'll never want to take them off.  We're actually speaking from experience here!

They come in multi-colors, red, blue, or transparent blue.

What is also great is you can "latch" the bracelet to fit any wrist size by just putting the clasp next to the eye that fits.  Small children and larger wrist adults can all wear these amulet bracelets.

If fine jewelry is the direction you're headed, don't fret. There are many 14k gold and diamond evil eye charm necklaces as well.  This one, an exclusive of Alef Bet, has a small blue sapphire in the center.  We know that blue is for luck, white is for wealth and the eye amulet to protect you.


14k gold evil eye necklace
Diamond evil eye necklace

So remember, an eye is display, worn, used to attract the evil that is out there and make sure it doesn't come near or even close to you.

Whatever color you choose to wear, or a combination of all of the colors, just remember the three types of evil that loom over and around us-- and it needs to be kept far, far away!!!

Do you wear an evil eye?

Have one in your house? 

If not, you should add one (or more) and create a hamsa and evil eye wall that is so easy to set up.  This blog will show you exactly how to do it, too!

Decorate Your Wall

We've written a blog post about it and you can read it setting up a wall of hamsas and evil eyes here.

Let us know what you think.

And for all the evil out there, remember it's good to protect ourselves, even if it's just with a small amulet.

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I need it


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I love evil eyes I just got a black one on a bracelet and I haven’t taken it off!


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