What We Love About Amazon Prime Day


What We Love About Amazon Prime Day - Alef Bet by Paula
amazon prime day
Amazon Prime Day.
It's basically Christmas in July, but since Amazon runs it they can call it whatever they want-- so Prime Day is terrific.
Who doesn't love prime?
With the free shipping and great movies it pays for itself right away. 
I mean who doesn't love The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
It even won an Emmy!
There are many pieces of jewelry sold exclusively on Amazon from Alef Bet.
And some of these pieces are featured on Prime Day too!
Want a sneak peek?
Here you are...
Don't forget the sale is only July 15-16, so there is NO TIME to think twice about these amazing specials.
leather jewish star bracelet
A guy should have a piece of jewelry, and why not one with a Star of David?
Click the picture for more info.
mazel necklace
How about a little Mazel?  That is luck in Hebrew.
hamsa charm
Cute hamsa necklace 
heart and star pendant
Star and heart necklace = love
love charm coin
For $9.90, why not? And it's sterling silver (the others are too, but have to mention the price and the quality, right?)
best friend bracelets
And who doesn't love a best friend bracelet? 
Or a mom and daughter bracelet.
Or, perhaps a send-to-summer-camp-miss-you-gift-idea?
And you know what else is a great thing to buy?
Jewelry storage bags or displays for all of the pieces you own.
This is a great choice, and you can hang it up inside of your closet between the clothing or inside of a "suit bag" so no one sees the pieces like a robber.
storage for jewelry
Here's another display case we recommend: 
It seals the pieces from the air, but allows you to see the pieces.
A great choice.
jewelry case
And for traveling, what about this real leather jewelry case?
It's perfect and is the size of a wallet. 
Love it! 
jewelry case for travels
Happy shopping and let us know about the pieces you purchase this Prime Day!!
For the entire Alef Bet Prime Day collection click here: LET'S SHOP

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