Why Are There So Many Misunderstandings Surrounding the Evil Eye?


Why Are There So Many Misunderstandings Surrounding the Evil Eye? - Alef Bet by Paula

There are so many misunderstandings surrounding the evil eye.

Perhaps it's the namesake--- Evil?

Let's take a moment and clear it up a bit.

First off, an is NOT harmful.

It actually DEFLECTS evil.

Perhaps that is why another name for it is a LUCKY EYE.


evileye bracelet

Evil Eye Bracelets


And, the eye has no lid because it never sleeps.  It just keeps watch over us 24/7/365.

Evil eyes are known all over the world as powerful amulets that aide in your good fortune and protection.


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Amulets for Home


We were actually pointed that out here, on our Instagram post!

And yes, it is totally true!

In Hindu an evil eye is called a Drishti, in Spanish a mal de ojo, a malocchio in Italian, ayin ha-ra in Hebrew, Nazar Boncugo in Turkey, or a Mati in Greece.  Regardless of the name, they all do the same thing- repel misfortune, evil, and illness.  

And right now, couldn't we all use a little extra protection?


Evil Eye Wall Decor


If your eye eye- no matter if it's in jewelry or a wall hanging, cracks or breaks, it means that it has absorbed misfortune intended for you!

When wearing your evil eye, voice your desire, set an intention, or say a prayer for protection and good fortune.

One customer even told us that when her amulets arrive by mail she first puts them in the sunlight (or moonlight as long as it is natural light) for 2 hours to erase any negative vibes from another who has touched her piece prior to its arrival. 

Then, believe.

Because that is what faith is all about.

Explore Alef Bet's latest collection of evil eye jewelry and wall decor. You're sure to find something for yourself as well as a "thinking of you gift" for a loved one.


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