Why is an Elephant Considered Lucky


Why is an Elephant Considered Lucky - Alef Bet by Paula

Are elephants bad luck in your house?

Well, maybe if you had a live animal elephant in your home, it could be debatable. Let's opt for the second choice then-- an elephant statue for good luck instead.

Elephants symbolize wisdom, strength, power, and stability.

There are many schools of thought, design, and decor when it comes to adding good lucky symbols to your home-- and of course, this covers the use of elephant imagery for a positive amulet.

  • Feng Shui is a design made up of "water and air"

  • Vastu Shastra, is the science of dwelling.

If you'd like to learn about the differences and the similarities of the two design features, there is a fabulous article by Livspace. Both, however, endorse using good luck symbols such as elephants in your home. Let's start with the front door or the entrance to your home. If you're looking for luck, by Vastu design, then place the elephant facing inward. And for the front door, according to Feng Shui, if you want to guard your home against evil or negative energy, you can place it facing outwards.

Elephants in the bedroom are meant for strengthening your relationship with your spouse. The same if you'd like to strengthen the bond between a child and parent, it is recommended to place an image of a mother elephant and her baby in the bedroom or family room.

If you're looking for artwork for your children's room, best to choose a mother-child combination of elephants. According to Feng Shui, wallpaper or toys strengthen a child's knowledge and improve their focus level. If possible, keep the statue of the toy elephant on their study table for that extra luck.

 mom and elephant

Do you work from home or have a home office or study that is also in need of blessings? You know it-- an elephant. Be sure to also hang an elephant painting for luck. It aids in increasing concentration levels, focus, and dealing with pressure.

Take an elephant to work!

Maybe not literally, but since an elephant symbolizes wisdom and power when placed in the work environment its presence will energize your career and business, bringing you success and power. Just make sure it's facing north, since that is the direction of wealth and career.

It's truly the perfect gift to give someone just starting their career or changing jobs. Actually, even for someone as a birthday gift or in need of some luck, like a college graduate.

What about the position of the trunk on an elephant, does that have meaning?

Trunk pointed upward on an elephant

If the elephant's trunk is facing upward it is said to bring energy, luck, prosperity, and kindness. The elephant raises its trunk to greet friends and express happiness, showering you with good fortune and compassion.

Downward pointed elephant trunk

The trunk in the downward direction represents the ability to solve challenges and longevity. Contrary to popular belief, an elephant trunk in the downward direction does not mean bad luck.

What is a blue elephant?

The blue elephant is a Feng Shui symbol kept at home for protection from accidents, robbery, and betrayal.

Material of lucky elephant

Lucky elephants can be made from various materials, such as glass, jade, silver, wood, marble, metal, polyresin, porcelain, lac, etc. Besides plain elephant figurines, one also can keep elephant figurines that are studded with gemstones, brightly painted, or have ornate leafing done on them.

baby gift for child with elephant

Alef Bet's hamsa and evil eye elephant amulet, crafted from glass is the perfect piece to hang, gift, or purchase. The trunk is up, and it's a blue elephant.

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