What is a Bangle Bracelet?


What is a Bangle Bracelet? - Alef Bet by Paula

What makes a bangle bracelet different than a bracelet?  Why isn't is simply a "bracelet?"

A bangle bracelet is a hard, not delicate, accessory crafted either with a single clasp or none at all. A bracelet is typically made from chain, thus we feel pretty good using the adjective "flowy" to describe a bracelet.

A bangle is hard, solid, and can even be one piece of material. It can be made from stone, bone, glass, or metal.

History of the Bangle Bracelet

Did you know that the earliest bangle bracelet can be traced back to the the year 2600 BCE and was found in the Mohenjo-Daro settlement, which is on the banks of the Indus River, near Pakistan. The statue below of the bride's arm is covered in bangles. What is noteworthy is that it shows the first instance of wearing accessories as a part of human culture. Basically, women even thousands of years ago, liked jewelry and apparently a lot of jewelry!

lady ancient bangle bracelet

Dancing girl with bangles

Photo credit -- Lumenlearning.com

It wasn't until the 20th century that silver began to be mass produced and became affordable for the everyday woman. It wasn't just for the very wealthy or the bride getting married. With its growing popularity among the ladies, jewelers, of course, began to add inscriptions, decorations, and gemstones which has become the modern day bangle bracelet as we know it today.

Modern Day Bangle With Inscriptions

this too shall pass

This Too Shall Pass Bangle Bracelet in 14k gold plate.

Inscriptions stamped into a bangle with popular and personal quotes, personalization, dates, meaningful words etc. are very popular for bangles bracelets. Since they are worn so close to your beating pulse, the placement on your wrist is very rewarding.

Evil Eye Bangle Bracelets

bangle bracelets with hamsa

Evil eye bangle bracelets in four colors

There are many designs on bangles, we have discussed the additions of gemstones and inscriptions, even an added diamond on a decorative clasp. But, there is something about wearing a bangle bracelet stacked up on your arm with an evil "lucky" eye.

An evil eye watches over and protects you. It is a multi-cultural amulet, known as a mal de ojo in Spanish, a nazar boncuk in Turkish, and eayan alsharu in Arabic. It is a single eye that never closes, never blinks and is always there to make sure you are guided in the right direction in life.

We'd love to share with you the selection of evil eye bangle bracelets that we are loving right now.

The following collection is handcrafted from sterling silver with your choice of 14k gold plating. A very secure push-lock closure with an easy to open and click back into place clasp. The mesh, or woven sterling, is also beautiful to look at. Notice though, that it is isn't the exact same as a hard bangle, but since it is not flowy, like a chain, it is considered a bangle.

bangle bracelet with evil eye on amazon

Gold evil eye bangle bracelet

The twisted gold metal on the bangle is a lovely style, you just open up and place on your wrist and click back into place. Simple and easy.

hamsa bangle bracelets

Matching bangle but with a hamsa

blue opal hamsa bangle bracelet

Hamsa opal blue bangle bracelet

You may be asking, how many bangle bracelets would you recommend wearing at once? How do you style a collection of bracelets?

Very simple-- we recommend wearing bracelets in odd numbers, in a group, or in a collection. It is most common to wear a stack on your left arm is you're right handed, the opposite if you're left handed. We know, this collection in the photo above goes totally against the odd-number-bracelet-rule!!

Pile them on, mix and match colors of metals and for sure pull out your jewelry that you already own.

That is a must!

There is no reason not to add to what you have in your drawers or in your jewelry box to any recent purchases of bangle bracelets or chain bracelets. An eclectic collection makes for beautiful styling, for conversation-- yes, jewelry can spark many discussions as well as trigger many lovely and memorable memories.

To see the entire collection of evil eye and hamsa bangle bracelets, follow this link.

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What a fascinating exploration of the cultural and historical significance behind bangle bracelets! This article beautifully elucidates how these adornments transcend mere accessories, embodying rich traditions and symbolism. From ancient origins to modern fashion statements, it’s clear that bangle bracelets carry a profound narrative of identity and heritage. Truly an enlightening read!


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