Why We’re Wearing a Seal of Solomon Necklace


Why We’re Wearing a Seal of Solomon Necklace - Alef Bet by Paula

Men's jewelry seal of solomon

Seal of Solomon Pendant

When did you ever receive a gift with the intention to make you feel better and lucky?

Before telling about that gift, I wanted to share a short story-- Art’s story.

Art, our business partner, was feeling a bit down. Things weren’t going in the direction that he wanted, his own business was horribly slow, and he was suffering from back problems. One afternoon, out of nowhere his close friend gave him a necklace and said, “wear this.”

And he did.

Things started picking up– business improved and so did life.

But that necklace, it was falling apart.

The silver color plating was coming off, his neck was turning green.
Others with similar necklaces were asking him to repair and re-plate the silver color on their pendants.

There seemed to be a trend.

Men wanted jewelry, and wanted jewelry with meaning.

That's when the discussions between him and us started about designing a better piece of jewelry that heals from the inside of your soul.

We started researching exactly what was this necklace was that he was given.

A Seal of Solomon

seal of solomon

Seal of Solomon Pendant on Chain

What is a Seal of Solomon and who was Solomon?

There are 72 Seals of Solomon, all made by King Solomon from Biblical times. He was perhaps the wisest man who ever lived.

Solomon was the author of not only most of the Book of Proverbs, which has over 3,000 proverbs in it, but also the Song of Solomon collection of love poems, and the Book of Ecclesiastes.

G-d gifted King Solomon with unsurpassed wisdom and he ruled Jerusalem for 40 years of peace and much prosperity– he was born in 848 BCE and died at the age of 52 in 796 BCE. 

So, what do the Seals mean?

To start with, King Solomon could speak directly to G-d. 

He was gifted with the ability to command and control demons and speak to animals.

It is even said he received a signet ring, with a magical seal and the name of G-d engraved in it that enabled him to control demons and held supernatural powers.

When asked what happened to King Solomon's ring, legend has it that the mythical beast Asmodeus, King of Demons, stole the ring and tossed it into the sea.  



All in all there are 72 of these magical seals that King Solomon had.


list of seals of solomon 72


Each one of the 72 seals has its own unique meaning that varies from success to health and recovery to that of love.

Each seal encompasses the cosmic order, the skies, movement of the stars in their spheres, and the perpetual flow between heaven and earth and the elements of air and fire.

King Solomon’s Seals combine strength, beauty, symbolism and illustrative quality and all within a geometric figure.

That is a ton of mind-blowing information!

You know, many of the abstract figures and diagrams that were found on these seals are encompassed in all three monotheistic religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

The seals are not religious-oriented but are more centered around the celestial stars and geometrical figures.

Basically, the seals are a universal symbol for protection that holds magical powers to ward off evil forces and are not associated with one religion or people.


Amazing, right? 


The next task, after we researched the seals, was how to design and create a seal that is hip, modern in style and durable.


making a seal of solomon in los angeles

Sterling silver Seal of Solomon Charm

You know, Alef Bet is not reinventing the wheel, that was invented a long, long time ago, but what we wanted to do was to make a better charm.

The first inspiration, besides the seal itself, was creating a frame for the pendant.

Choosing a wax letter-stamp seal as the border, we then cast the piece in sterling silver, deciding on a 2-inch diameter. 

Sterling Silver, being a precious metal, will not cause skin discoloration and bring you years of wear and enjoyment.

Also, the color won't peel off and it's virtually allergy-free unlike brass or steel.


Which Seals to Use?

After thinking long and hard on which two seals to place on the one single charm, it was decided to use with one for wealth and honor. 

The Fourth Pentacle of Jupiter, taking its wording from Psalm 112:3 “Wealth and Riches are in His house, and His righteousness endureth forever.” 

The other is from the Sixth Pentacle of Jupiter, used for protection against all earthly dangers.

Surrounding this seal are the Seraph, Kerub, Ariel, and Tharsis; the four Rulers of the Elements from Psalm 22:16 “They pierced my hands and my feet, I may tell all my bones.”

Is there a legend about buying or gifting the Seal of Solomon?

The story about gifting this necklace, like the one that began with a gift to Art, is based only on our experience, brought to us by Armenian folklore– we googled and googled it and found no answer on the practices of gifting a Seal.

The best answer is really no answer. 

Sorry to say.

If you’d like to buy a Seal of Solomon for a loved one, in need of business and personal success and wealth, as well as protection from all earthly dangers, please see our seal online at Amazon or online at alefbet.com.

And we’ll keep you posted on more designs to come.



King Solomon Seals were created by King Solomon and are used by all three religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. They allow people to feel an invincible power of ancient knowledge and experience enormous charges of energy. They also help people to reshape their destiny and enhance their quality of life. If you’d like to gift a Seal of Solomon made from the precious metal, sterling silver, we are sharing Alef Bet Jewelry’s Amazon store link here.


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I checked Amazon store and not able to put an order for the Solomon pendant. can you please let me know how to put an order in. thankyou


I’d like to order a Solomon pendent, is there a waiting list?

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I bought two seals but there was no instructions on how to invoke the spirits named on the seal. Please l need your guidance

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I bought the original sterling silver pedant double sided with the light gate drawing and angel names in Hebrew on sides. I bought it however from a handmade jeweler using correct formation and it was blessed by a guru trained in art of subject. Its provided much power.


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