We have 4 beautiful amulets for you to select from, each one blessed with love, protection, positive energy and good fortune.

These charming and powerful amulets will transfer good luck and good health into your home or place of business and bless you with positive energy each day.

Each amulet is laser cut in wood and assembled with blue-glass evil eye Nazar beads.

If you're looking for an amulet that's focused on growth and expansion, our tree amulet is perfect for you. The tree is a symbol of growth—whether it's within your family or your company, this amulet can help you grow at a steady pace.

If happiness and good health are what you're after, the hamsa hand may be the right amulet for you. This ancient eastern amulet will grant you with the happiness and contentment that we all deserve.

Our third amulet is a bit different than the others: it has a fish swimming in its center! This amulet is all about protection from harm and evil. In order to keep yourself safe from any potential threats, this amulet is just what you need!

And the fourth is the butterfly which signifies how beautiful nature and life are, encouraging growth and rebirth, prosperity, and transformation.  That change is always a hands length away, that nothing is ever impossible.

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