12 Favorite Evil Eye Bracelets for Women

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Evil eye bracelets, in no particular order, that add style and protection.

evil eye bead bracelet
Colorful Blue Evil Eye Bracelet

What is an evil eye bracelet?

The name is a bit misleading since there is actually no evil at all in the bracelet.

An eye prevents evil or harm from coming anywhere near you, so it is actually a lucky bracelet or a STOP evil bracelet.


An eye is an ancient amulet, found all over the world with one single purpose-- to watch over and protect you from the three types of harm in the world.


  • The first are unconscious evil eyes. These harm people and things, without intending to.

  • The second type intends to harm.

  • The third one is unseen, hidden evil which is the scariest. 

As you can see, adding a simple "tool" to your wrist to deflect the harm is not only wise but also very beautiful.

sapphire diamond evil eye bracelet
Sapphire and diamond lucky eye bracelet


There are a few key points to mention with evil eye bracelets.


First, there are no rules and no limits.


Second, add to what you currently own. Meaning-- don't create an entirely new stack of bracelets. Alef Bet is not here to encourage you to "buy, buy, buy." Rather, we prefer to add one piece at a time to what you own. Some might call that business, we call that honesty.


Third-- don't be afraid to mix and match colors. The more the merrier.


sterling silver layering bracelets with evil eye
Bead bracelet with evil eye for layering
diamond evil eye bangle bracelet
Sapphire and diamond bangle evil eye bracelet

There are id-type style bracelets that have an image of an eye on the top. This is a different feel, where you don't automatically see the round or oblong shape of the eye. This design is encrusted with clear or rainbow cubic zirconia gemstones that never lose their sparkle.


Another great look is the combination of the modern paperclip chain with charms that dangle-- it's like an old-fashioned charm bracelet with a modern feel. These are made from sterling silver with a 14k yellow gold plate and set with cubic zirconia gemstones.

Diamond like evil eye charm bracelets
Stylish gold evil eye bracelets

This creative stack of bracelets, shown in yellow gold, is simple to layer.


If you notice, there really is no set pattern--the bead bracelets vary in size as do the eyes. What is important here though, is there is a whole lot of protection going on! And here's a little secret, you can sleep with all of these bracelets, shower with them too.


If you'd like to shop the entire collection of evil eye bracelets, from sterling silver to 14k gold, please visit the evil eye bracelet collection at alefbet.com.



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    I would like to get evil eye bracelets for my daughters n myself too.

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