Please God, Heal Her Through Prayer, Music and Jewelry


Please God, Heal Her Through Prayer, Music and Jewelry - Alef Bet by Paula

The Hebrew words El na Refa Na La, "Please God, Heal Her" Book of Numbers 12:13.

We come to the book of Numbers, where Moses has just found his sister, Miriam, dying of leprosy.

Remember, Moses didn't grow up with his sister, Miriam. While he was raised as an adopted son in the Pharoah's palace, she was a Hebrew slave. It was Miriam that put Moses in the Nile River as a newborn rather than face death, and it was the Pharoah's daughter that saw him in his basket floating down the river.

As the biblical story progresses, the two finally get to know one another and are in the desert after leaving the life of slavery. Moses is now faced with the fact that his sister will die if she succumbs to her disease. This is the pivotal moment when Moses reaches out to someone else, in this case, God, and asks for help.

El Na Refa Na La

Please God, Heal Her.

It is proven, shown, studied, talked about all over the world and in print, as well as it being just a simple fact that when we actively show our support for the struggles of others, the words and actions stimulate the power to light the fire of action.

The action is that we aide another in their process of healing.

Just like how Moses reached out for help, reached out to light that spark, that fire in Miriam's healing by simply asking for help, so must we help our loved ones.

This five word verse from the Old Testament, ELNA REFA NA LA, these words of prayer aide in healing both the mind, body and soul of not only others but also ourselves.

This phrase, these words, have traveled throughout centuries and comforting many through art, song and prayer.

This ancient piece of Biblical text asking for healing, has been transformed into a pendant created by Alef Bet. The words, written in Hebrew, are handcrafted in sterling silver. Two blue gemstones are placed between the first and second, fourth and fifth words. Blue is the color associated with luck and good fortune, and for that reason this color has been chosen.

You'll also find the words of this prayer in song.

It is truly a song that pulls at your heart strings. By far these are two of our favorites to listen to, and trust me there are many! Here is the duo of an Israeli and Lebanese singing together.

As you probably are asking, how did Carine Bassili and the author of the song, Yair Levi, join forces? Read about the collaboration here.

Listen to the El Na prayer music sung here in Arabic.

Hope you enjoy the music and the story behind the songs.

When someone you care for is in need of any type of healing, remember to be an active part of the process, in any way, shape, or form you can.

If that means sharing these words of song, sending a gift like the Elna necklace, or calling and wishing them a speedy recovery, that is being a part of the process.

And to those in need of healing,

Elna Refa Na La

Please God, Heal Her.

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