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What Kind of Head Coverings are for Women in Synagogue?

Is it obligatory that a Jewish woman cover her head in synagogue?


Depends on what your synagogue traditions are, and it depends on what you practice.

So, it really is NOT a simple answer.

My Jewish Learning blog tells the history of the wearing of a head covering, called a kippah. It says in Exodus 28:4 that there were priestly vestments for Aaron and his sons, and that there was a “headdress” for Aaron.  The Bible tells us that head coverings were worn “for dignity and adornment.” 

But, what about women?

Orthodox women do cover their hair with a wig, wrap, sheytiel, or a tichel. But Reform and Conservative movements do not require the covering of a women's hair.  However, many congregations do encourage the covering when in the synagogue or reading from the Torah.

*Again, each synagogue and/or each person adheres to the rituals of their community.

So, what are some head coverings worn by women in Reform and Conservative temples?

This is one example.  It is a hand sewn lace kippah that sits on the back portion of head.  A clip is sewn on the underside to hold the kippah in place.

This black lace head kippah covering is lovely as well, and very understated.

With the upcoming Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur high holidays, when Jews all over the world attend synagogue services for these period of celebrations over a month, you'll find many women wear a kippah.

Which leads us to my cousin Betty.

Betty's kippot for women

Betty has been sewing her keppi covers for women as a past time hobby for years.  She belongs to a conservative synagogue in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where they encourage the ladies to cover their hair during services.

She is 80 plus years young.

And loves making her keppi covers, which is the Yiddish word for head.

Each piece is made to perfection, we can attest to their beauty. 

She doesn't use a sewing machine either, it's really all done by hand.  

So, this high holiday season, we'd love to see one of Betty's keppi head coverings on your head.

You can see her entire collection here on our website.

Oh, and we're proud to say Betty is our cousin.



  • My daughter and myself have had the privilege of wearing the head coverings made with live from Betty
    I own several . I can’t imagine wearing anything else. They are stylish, light on your head and they stay on. We started wearing them over 20 years ago. Thanks Betty

    Arlene Weiss Forster Strategos
  • I am proud to say I ordered from Betty for our Judaica Shop.

  • I am proud to say I ordered from Betty for our Judaica Shop.


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