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A Traditional Symbol of Luck | Bracelets for Protection - Alef Bet by Paula

Red string bracelets watch over and protect you. You've most likely seen someone wearing a red string bendel bracelet, like the one above. Perhaps it wasn't as elaborate as that image, it might just be as simple as a red string.

But if you haven't, a suggested read on the blog that you'll find interesting is all about the traditions and folkloric tales of what the powers of red string are about. It can be found at Red String Bracelet, What is it Exactly?

The color red is found all over the world as a way to stop harm from coming your way. The strong color pushes back any bad mojo that even thinks of approaching. Think about it, we use red flashing lights on our roads to mean signal a potential warning or emergency. Even stop signs are red to alert people about any dangers.

Red is also a very spiritual color that represents energy, action, desire, and passion.

And it also repels the evil eye.

Now think about it a little bit about if you've seen a red string tied to one's wrist. It makes more sense now that it is worn as an amulet to protect and to stop any harm from coming their way.

Imagine yourself wearing that same string, but with a decorative charm, so you'll never have to sacrifice style for protection. That is where the red string bendel bracelet comes into play. The string of fate is now decorated with a sterling silver charm.

red string saint benedict charm evil eye bracelet

--> Saint Benedict red string bracelet

A perfect example: Saint Benedict is the saint known for protection and the one "that intercedes for us so that we may understand how great is the gift of peace. Assist those who strive for unity among people divided by so many painful events, that we may all be brothers."

The red string, in this example, is paired with not only a Catholic saint, but also with a handmade blue Nazar Turkish evil eye on a red string of fate bracelet. Modern designs made more stylish, right?

What if you're not into the red string, but still want an evil eye for protection?

There are many bracelets from rainbow eyes worn for unity and love, to the all-present multi-color lucky eye bracelet. Each provide luck, protection, success and blessings of good health.

rainbow evil eye jewelry

--> Rainbow of color evil eye bracelets

Here are four choices of exceptional designs. Shown in gold but also available in silver, just in case the question is looming in your mind. There are so many ways to make protection stylish, let us show you a few more choices.

colors of evil eye

--> Colorful evil eye bracelet

With 13 lucky eyes to watch over and protect you in a rainbow of colors this is a keeper. Pair it with another two solid color eye bracelets and you're on your way to amazing arm party stack. Learn more about the meanings of the colors of the eye over on this blog post titled the "meaning of an evil eye."

Of course, if eyes aren't your thing and you're still looking for some stylish luck and protection, there is also a hamsa hand. It's often called a hand of Fatima or is spelled a bit differently, chamsa. It's meaning is still there, to protect and watch over you. This is a lovely design, even though it isn't red, it's still blesses you.

--> Hamsa Hand Bangle

Ready to wear a protective, red string of fate bracelet? How about an evil eye amulet or a hamsa hand? Come visit the collection at alefbet.com.

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