How Can You Change The Future?


How Can You Change The Future? - Alef Bet by Paula

Holocaust Memorial Day

The Holocaust

6 million Jewish people murdered for their religion

We know the facts-- the problem is our future, our children now DO NOT KNOW!

Let me repeat that they DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST!

6 million people murdered.

Thankfully, there are organizations and memorials that will not let us forget this massacre that changed the face of the world. 

So, what can we do?

We can sit around and deny it, brush it under the rug, or be sure it IS NOT FORGOTTEN!

holocaust star

So, what can we do?

A few months ago, I went on a field trip with my daughter's religious school class to the Los Angeles Museum of The Holocaust. 

Not knowing it even existed, I was moved.

I got to meet a survivor of 7 concentration camps! Holocaust survivor


A true hero.

But, what can we do?

What can I do?

Well, the Museum actually has an incredible program that brings students from public schools to the museum for free.  They educate the teachers, who in turn teach the students about the Holocaust.


You see, teach one person, it is as if you have taught the world. 

For that one person can teach another and that next person another and another and another.

The museum can combat antisemitism, hatred, bigotry.

One student at a time.

And we can save the world.

But, great you might say.

What can I Do?

Well, we can sponsor a student!

Alef Bet Jewelr is donating 100% of the profits of their Chai Red String Bendel Bracelet to the Los Angeles Museum of The Holocaust.


Why did we choose this bracelet? 

The chai charm is the combination of two Hebrew letters which represent LIFE.

The red is a color of protection, to watch over and make sure life is wonderful and you're treated with respect.

I'd say this is the perfect bracelet!

We hope you'll join us in sponsoring a student to learn about the holocaust, and together we can end antisemitism one person at a time.


 Shop the bracelet here.

*The museum has no affiliation with this donation of ours, we wanted to do this mitzvah.



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