What's On Your Hostess Gift List this Year?


What's On Your Hostess Gift List this Year? - Alef Bet by Paula

"I'm invited to Rosh Hashana dinner and lunch," says a friend "but what do I bring her to say thanks?"

Oh-- the dilemma of the 'ole hostess gift.

Wouldn't it be nice to bring something unique and different for the hostess this year?

Every year it's a bottle of wine 🍷 or a cake from the bakery.  

Maybe some flowers. 🥀

Whooo hoo.

But, what if the hostess doesn't like wine, or in my case highly allergic to wine? What if she this or that?

It's just an observation, and you can totally disagree with me here, but what if?

According to The Emily Post Institute you should bring a gift, but it doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive.  A nice gesture based on the culture or celebrations of the event.

And since we're heading into the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Succot and Simchat Torah-- the celebrations and culture of the event all point to Jewish.

And you know where I am going here, right?


You're so smart!

We've gathered a few pieces of jewelry that we feel won't break the bank, are real silver, and have a religious theme to them so you are keeping within the "spirit" of the occasion.  

red string bracelets

Red string bracelets are only $18-- cheaper than flowers!

shema bracelet

Hebrew Shema Israel bracelet

perfect daily jewish star

This is my personal favorite and I wear it every single day.

It might be one you want to buy yourself as well.  Just saying.


bangle bracelet with evil eye

Something colorful and fun to match your hostess' personality would be this evil eye bangle bracelet. There are more colors too that you can choose from.

jewish hostess ideas

There are so many ideas!


Here are 12 pieces we thought you'd like.

On a side note-- if you didn't order in time for the holidays, or "life got in the way" and you just didn't make the ordering on time-- there is another option!

Do not fret!

You can always send a "thank you for having us gift" after the night is over.  

And better yet, we'll print a card for you and mail the jewelry in a gift box directly to the hostess' house.  

We've got you covered this holiday season-- heck, we've got you covered all year long!!

Here's a link to the collection of hostess gifts.

Click here.

And on that note, Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

Paula and Alissa




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