Time for Some New Baubles to Protect You


Time for Some New Baubles to Protect You - Alef Bet by Paula

What's exciting about this new collection:

Looking for some new faith-based, amulets, and a piece of protection jewelry that is both stylish and simple to wear every day?

Let's start with earrings-- a lovely pair of hamsa hand earrings set with a single sparkling gemstone is the center is crafted in sterling silver and are just waiting for your purchase here.

Hamsa Hand Earrings

The beaded bracelets featured on Alef Bet's website are 14k gold filled and strong enough to never be removed. Trust us on that one! Owner, Alissa, has had on her's for 4 years and never removes them. The new addition is the blue evil eye bracelet. See the bead bracelet collection here: 

single evil eye bead bracelet in gold

Single Evil Eye Bead Bracelet


A single diamond tiny heart necklace in 14k gold is super cute for those loving not only heart-themed jewelry but also minimal designs:


heart necklace

Little Heart Necklace 

If wearing three hearts is more your style, but you're still after the dainty look, you can see the hearts shown in the video here.  Mothers and grandmothers are drawn to this necklace as it represents the family.  For example-- three children, three grandchildren, parents, and one child, etc.  If you want to customize the necklace with say, five hearts-- that is easy to do!  Just drop us a line.

Moving right along the necklace display, how about that double necklace? 

Double Necklace


A layering pendant that has both an evil eye and a hamsa that will usher in luck, health, good health, and protection is always stylish and a great gift. You're going to love the idea of wearing both together along with the ability to adjust the length in the back by simply moving the clasp.


paperclip chain

Heavy Link Chain


And, of course, an elongated paperclip style chain is incredible. Add your own charms to this chain and watch it go from beautiful to stunning.

Plus, you'll be able to take your charms out of the jewelry box now instead of leaving them there, waiting for a special day. Customize your own length chain to match your style.

Wrapping up the latest pieces in this collection, we move to the right arm party, which basically shows that one evil eye watches over and protects you, but what can two or more do?

Can't say for sure, you can read about the powers of an evil eye here, or just try it out for yourself.

Eye Amulet Bracelets

This bracelet has so many eyes, you're going to absolutely feel lucky wearing it. And you should too! It's stylish, colorful, and an amulet worth flaunting

If the colors aren't what you're after, then how about an id-style heavier bracelet on an adjustable length chain bracelet?

Evil Eye Chain Bracelet


Happy shopping!

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