Why You Should Wear an Evil Eye Bracelet During a Pandemic


Why You Should Wear an Evil Eye Bracelet During a Pandemic - Alef Bet by Paula

We say you should wear a lucky, evil eye amulet bracelet during the 2020 covid19 pandemic, and we also say you should wear one when it's over.

You may say, "Nah, not me. I don't believe in that. And the eye, it creeps me out."

gold evil eye bracelet for women

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You won't be the first to say it's not your style, and for sure you won't be the last.

Let me explain about the evil eye and the powerful qualities it embodies, and perhaps I can change your mind.

The very bare-bone basic facts are that an evil eye is designed to watch over and protect you.

The eye has no eyelid to close, so it does not sleep and does not ever stop protecting you. It is there to literally watch over you and make sure that no harm comes in your direction.

During a pandemic, a virus, or for a multitude of reasons, no one wants any harm to come your way.

You want yourself and your loved ones to be as safe as they can be.  

evil eye baby pin

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That is exactly why an evil eye, also known as a lucky eye, is the perfect gift during challenging times.

In fact, evil eyes are popular and known all over the world as amulets that aide in your good fortune and protection.  From babies to adults, we all need protection.

Simply pin a little eye on a crib, car seat or bassinet for a newborn.  Add a red string of fate bracelet with an eye for a baby, an adjustable bracelet for a child to be sure of the size, and for a tween/teenager up to an adult a standard size 7" bracelet with an adjustable clasp works perfectly.

evil eye bracelet for child and mother

Matching Bracelet mom and daughter

Called a mal de ojo in Spanish, a malocchio in Italian, ayin ha-ra in Hebrew, Nazar Boncugu in Turkey, or a Mati in Greek, they all do the same thing-- repel the evil eye.

You might be asking, how does the Mal de Ojo or mati eye work?

By believing it will.

It is up to you to believe and make the amulet, the good luck charm, work.  

Take these very simple steps to make/activate your lucky charm:

  • Voice your desire
  • Believe it will work
  • Gift to someone and write them a nice note saying what it will do
  • Have hope

silver evil eye bracelet

Listen, can I bet you money that it will 100% cure you from Xyz? No, I cannot. Can I promise you that you'll do better at work when you hang an evil eye on your wrist? No, I cannot. But what we can offer you is to try. To try to amp up your belief, your knowledge of what good luck is and what it can offer.  That is why prayer works, why love works, why being with friends works. 

Will an evil eye amulet work, try it and let's see. 

What's the worst thing that can happen?  You'll look great and have a good looking bracelet?

single eye lucky bracelet

Single Evil Eye Gift Bracelet

We always get emails from customers who say that their bracelet protected them.  They are designed to do that.  They are designed to absorb the "harm" that is directed your way, the "evil" that is directed to you.

We often hear that a bracelet broke right when a an accident almost happened.  Or an eye cracked and they know for sure it was meant to protect them.  You see, that is what an amulet does.  It absorbs the harm that was directed to you. 

My friend Scarlett swears that she cannot be without a blue glass evil eye bracelet at this point in her life. She told me her eyes always crack and break, and the only thing she can attribute to that is the harm meant for her went to the eye, and that is why they break. 

Better a charm breaking then you, right?

Send a gift to a loved one and add a note: "Thinking of you at this time, and may you always be protected."

evil eye and hamsa hand bracelet

Evil Eye and Hamsa Charm Bracelet




That is why you should wear an evil eye bracelet now and always.

See the entire collection of lucky eye bracelets on Alef Bet's website.

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