Single Blue Protection Evil Eye Bracelet on 5mm Beads

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Red or navy blue evil eye strung on a single bracelet that sits center-stage on your wrist. 
Choose from blue or red-eye to ward off evil, to keep any harm from coming in your direction and only ushering in goodness, health, and blessing. 
Hand-strung bead bracelets are durable and very fashion-forward.
The simple design makes this bracelet an easy, go-to accessory that you'll quickly discover you never want to be without. 
The bracelets slide over your wrist, no need to yank or pull them on.
Designed to fit snug, we recommend a standard wrist to choose 6.75" 
  • Roll the bracelet gently over your wrist and instantly fall in love.
  • 100% water safe
  • Material: Sterling Silver or 14k gold filled 5mm beads and glass eyes
  • Average Bracelet Length: 6.75"
  • Beads are 5mm
  • **LIMITED SUPPLY Contact us with questions

Customer Reviews

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Iam absolutely in love with my new bracelets!! They are beautifully constructed and truly stunning 💙👀💙

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