Invisible Star of David Necklace


Invisible Star of David Necklace - Alef Bet by Paula

You read the title right, it's an invisible Star of David necklace.

Let's explain what exactly it is, because, as you can see, there is a Star. 

And what a cute Star it is!

But, it sort of "floats" on nothing, making it totally invisible on your neckline.

You see, the chain is actually what is invisible, not the Star itself.

In fact, the star is made from solid, 925 sterling silver and dipped, or plated, in 14k yellow gold. Then, the charm is hand-set with high-quality cubic zircon stones.

We love cubic zirconian stones because they never lose their sparkle, never dull and turn grey.  They might get dirty from sweat, oil, and makeup, but a quick cleaning will bring them right back to their glory days.

In fact, you can read about caring for your gold plated jewelry here on our blog.

Back to the necklace:

So, the star is small-- about 1/4" of an inch and is short.  

It's designed to be worn up high on your neckline, but there is an option to make it longer. 

adjustable claspIt adjusts from 14" to 16", or anywhere in between.  You just move the clasp to fit into any of the chain links, as shown below.

how to adjust a chain extender

Now, you're probably asking, "Is this strong?"

The answer is simple: "YES!"

Personally, I have been wearing the pendant for quite some time now, and even my 7-year-old niece has been modeling it non-stop for us.

So, it's passed the "will not break, ok to wear in the shower" phase for sure.

That is her above, striking the "I am so cute" pose in the backyard.

And here the two of us are wearing matching necklaces and doing a "selfie"

But, you know what?

I love wearing this piece of jewelry.

Let's be honest here, as any business owner, you don't wear/enjoy/eat everything you produce now do you?

But this little pop of faith, I LOVE (in all caps).

I even (insert gasp here if you'd like) wore it to Italy and Mexico this summer, thinking, "OMG, what will they say, what will happen to me?" 

And guess what happened to me?


Or as they say in Spanish, "nada."

(I'd have to google the word for nothing in Italian, but I can do that later.)

I truly just love wearing this piece of jewelry.

I mean, is there a rise in antisemitism? Sure, but there is also a RISE in great, amazing people all over the world that squash those (insert explicative here) people.

So, to that avail, I'd love for you to rock this little invisible Star of David necklace.

And if you'd like, pick one up for your daughter, niece, granddaughter or friend as well.  It's kinda fun having matching necklaces.

And, right now, I am totally the "cool aunt" that wears the same necklace as the little girl above.

And that won't last forever, so I'm taking that while I can get it!!!


And, if you'd like to see this Star on the website it's here: Invisible Star Necklace








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