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Passover Tchotchkes for The Seder


So many tchotchkes entered the Passover market this year!

Is that a bad thing-- NO!

Are they as cute as little Easter bunnies or colorful peeps, no, but we'll take what we're given, right?


frogs for passover seder

I mean, these little guys are adorable and they are even holding matzah.

Or how about the entire new line of matzah inspired clothing that is making it's way onto websites world wide?

Who wouldn't want to rock a tee like this one? 

matzah passover clothing

I think it would definitely create some amazing instagram-worthy pictures at your seder that is for sure!

Ok, one more cute picture and we'll continue with the blog- promise!

matzah ball soup emoji

Right, it is adorable!?

When did the playful and artistic designs of Passover begin?  

It doesn't seem so long ago, but it had to have been about 2015, that we first saw different Judaic, specifically Passover, designs entering big name stores such at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.

So, with all the hazari (Yiddish word here) out on the market now, there is also some absolutely stunning art pieces for Passover as well.

passover seder plate

I rest my case, right? 

Joy Stember truly created an art piece that outdoes all art pieces with this Seder plate!

Imagine this in the middle of your seder table? 

Wow is right!!

Totally not hazari.

And what about gifts for the hostess? 

This holiday is not an easy one, as we all know.  

Jokes aside.

The hostess has to truly prepare many special dishes, all made without flour.

So, we were thinking she needs something a bit more special than dancing matzah table decor, a bit more personal than flowers and a bottle of wine.

Get where I am going with this?

How about jewelry?

Something that truly says, "thank you for having me at your table, in your home."

hebrew passover jewelry

Perhaps a bracelet with the Hebrew words of the Shema Israel prayer

Or a little token gift for all of the guests or children, which are often times called afikomen gifts.

Here's a short video about a terrific gift idea that you can share with everyone, or just the hostess-- red string one size fits all bracelets.

Watch the video here:

In conclusion, Passover is a great spring celebration.  

May it continue to be full of hazari, or chatchkis

May you be blessed with a wonderful dinner, and your hostess continue to invite you back for years and years and may you have a wonderful holiday and seder!

We'd love to hear about your favorite chatchki that you found -- tell us about it in the comments!






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