Shema Israel Hear O'Israel in Jewelry


Shema Israel Hear O'Israel in Jewelry - Alef Bet by Paula

Shema Israel, Hear O'Israel, the Lord is Our God, the Lord is One-- Deuteronomy 6:4. Keep these words close to your heart and soul, draw strength from them and open your eyes to the larger issues on hand.

Today, May 22, 2021 antisemitism in America has reached a new level where protestors, aka thugs, are now beating up Jews in the streets of New York and Los Angeles, screaming in the UK they will rape and murder your wives, daughters.

Whatever your hate, whatever your love, whatever you feel towards another person it should never resort to violence.

When a person has to fear leaving their home, when they have to hide their jewelry and their clothing so not to be identified as a Jew, that is a new low.

And the sad thing is that it appears America has hit a new low.

Of course, it is common-place for Jews to be the target of any anger one feels, it is the classic scapegoat mechanism seen decades upon decades, centuries after centuries.

Just look at the too-many-to-count posts made on social media and my point will be easily proven. You'll fail if you try to prove otherwise. From soccer players to musicians, from makeup companies to the common oppressed person they all blame the Jews.

Rather than face up to their own misery in life, they pass the buck off onto someone, or something else. In this case-- the Jews.

The best way to cover up your own misery is to blame someone else. Just like kids on a playground who don't want to accept the blame, they accuse someone else to take the focus off of themselves.

So, as we progress into the future you can either take a good, long hard look at your inner self and realize no, one religious group is NOT the blame for your failures. Or, you can keep on going and realize that you're just a miserable person, and in the end, as you claw yourself out of depression and the rut you put yourself into, you'll eventually see that it is virtually impossible for one single religion to make your life so "terrible."

Pull up your big girl undies, and face the issues on hand.

Stop blaming.

Admit your failures, work on them, and only can overcome them.

Unless you live under the tyranny of an oppressive government like in Iran or your "elected" leaders are Hamas and they teach you that their failures at running a decent country are really the Jews' fault. Which, when you step back you see that they are pulling the wool over your eyes so you can't see the corruption and failures within their own governmetns.

Blame the Jews.

You're an idiot if you follow that path.

Just saying.

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