Table Setting and a Full Menu for High Holidays


Table Setting and a Full Menu for High Holidays - Alef Bet by Paula

You're looking to create a gorgeous high holiday table and invite your loved ones and family over, but you're stuck.


Overwhelmed perhaps?

Welcome to the club.

Hosting a large dinner party is not easy at all, and takes a bit of planning.

Of course, if you're on the "must be photo-picture perfect" dinner planning event schedule, well, then leave this blog right now.

It's not for you.

There are so many blogs that focus on the beauty and the perfection of a dinner, that in my opinion takes away from the event itself.

The stress on perfection and details overpowers the meal and the focus of the holiday and being together.

And the main intent is to enjoy the event, not on how the event looks.

Sure, a guest might leave and say how lovely the table setting was.  They might ooooh and ahhhh over the floral arrangement on the table, and the candles in the bathroom and the way you set the place cards just as so.  But, if they don't comment on the food, and only on the decor......

Or, they might say, it was a beautiful night. The food was perfect and everyone just enjoyed the conversation and the holiday.

Which do you prefer?

I guess you could have the best of both worlds where the food is amazing and the details are over the top, but how relaxed would you be?  Would you be able to enjoy the evening at all?

Let us know!

I am for plan B-- good food, good company, and minimal decor. 

fancy disposible plates


Now look at these plates!  They are stunning!  

And disposable.  Or recyclable-- depends on how you look at it.

For $37.95 there is service for 25 people.

See them on Amazon here.

No washing, no storing, no cleanup.  Rinse and toss in the recycle bin.

silver disposable plates

This is what we ordered for Rosh Hashana.

See it here.

The set comes with everything--- from the napkins to the silverware and plates.

100% honesty here-- I am not in the mood to do dishes and hire someone to come in and clean.  I prefer to rinse, recycle and enjoy my company this year.

Oh, and when I say the company I mean my sister-in-law and her kids and grandchild from Israel!  I am so excited and will have to share photos!!!!

And for decor-- yea, I got nothing on that. 

But, I have seen a table cloth that makes me swoon with envy.  And every time I see their posts I ask when they are going to make a square table cloth instead of a rectangular one.




Their etsy store has all of this beautiful linen for the house.  

I just have an 8 person square table (boo-hooo) and can't enjoy this gorgeous table cloth.  Hope you can!! 

Here is the etsy store link.

I did buy a hamsa pillow case from them, they are nice people.

And now let's get to the food. 

fast challah by hand


There is always a round challah at Rosh Hashana, but they are so hard to make! It literally takes hours and hours until completion and minutes to inhale. 

Then this recipe appeared on my Facebook feed-- Thirty Minute Challah!

This is a must try!  

See the recipe here.

Israeli Salad

Israeli salad-- easy, delicous and simple to make.  I omit the parsely, but you can add it if you'd like.  So easy and made even easier now that I bought this device for chopping on Amazon.  It's literally 2 minutes from fridge to table.

salad chopper


I bought this one, a small piece broke and the company sent me a brand new chopper. So, I sort of have brand loyalty since they were so nice to me! 

I just love this product!! 

And then, based on my mother-in-law and her delicious cooking, we fill the table with salads.

Morrocan carrots.


carrot salad morrocan


Matboucha, which is cooked down tomato salad and it can be spicy, so watch out.


matboucha salad from tomatoes


And of course, the best is eggplant salad.  It's called Babaganoush-- but it really isn't.  

My recipe is similar, I think tastier, but I couldn't find my recipe online. 

Here it goes-- char an eggplant till it looks dead.  Drain and remove the bitter seeds.

Mash, add garlic, salt, lemon, and mayonnaise. 

Taste and adjust.  

Most likely you need more mayo.




Soup is optional.  Usually, we tend to omit the soup because the salads are too filling with all of the bread.  

Then comes the main meal.

Rice, meat, side, chicken. 

That's it.  

Too much food every year, and every year I have the same fight with my mom.

It starts like this, "we need a kugel, rice, veggie, and meat, chicken and a fish."

"Mom, NO!" I say, "we end up sick at the end of the meal and no one eats it all and we slave in the kitchen and NO!"

So, she adds in one dish when I am not with her and we end up still with way too much food.

Can you relate?

So, we actually are making our entire main course this year based off of pinterest.

Kinda tacky, but the images are so beautiful we have to try it once!

rosh hashana rice dish

OMG! No words needed-- here is the link.

sweet chicken for high holidays

This recipe by Tori Avey looks like the perfect Rosh Hashana sweet dish for a sweet new year.  Orange and dates-- yummy! 

And for a new taste treat for brisket, we're going with What Jew Wanna Eat's recipe.

brisket jewish style 

And the side: asparagus. 

Easy, simple and not too heavy on the stomach.


I am done.

Kaput, finito. 

Oh dessert-- someone else can bring it.

What are you making for dessert?  

Can you link up a recipe that is easy, yummy and not too chocolatey?

Thanks, I'd really appreciate it.  

And don't forget these bags for all the disposable plates, I mean recyclable plates!! 

trash bags for dinner party

Ok, I am waiting for dessert recipes!

Wishing you a very Happy Jewish New Year!

Shana Tova v'metuka!



Revision: Take a look at how "downhill" it all went in 2020.





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