Yes, You Can Recreate New Jewelry From Old Stones


Yes, You Can Recreate New Jewelry From Old Stones - Alef Bet by Paula

We are often asked if a new piece of jewelry can be recreated into something new.  From an old design, or simply loose stones to a new creation of modern and gorgeous jewelry.  And the answer, YES!

Alef Bet doesn't claim to specialize in remaking vintage jewelry into something new, but we have been known to remake or rather, remodel, a few pieces.

remade diamond jewelry

This tray of stones was given to my sister, from her mother in law.  All mismatched and different shaped stones-- as you can see small round stones ranging from .01 ct up to possibly a .30ct round diamonds and even a rectangular baguette diamond is there too!  The challenge comes mostly in finding how to make a piece that speaks to you but also in trying to incorporate different stones and shapes into one design.  

She wanted something old fashioned, more vintage and in yellow 14k gold.  

doodle design

After drawing and playing around this is her creation, with a little help from us.

It was all hand-carved in a wax mold and each stone was set by hand.  Every diamond had to be chosen to make sure it fit perfectly and matched the other stones.  Luckily for her, there were a lot of loose diamonds to choose from.

final diamond vintage remade necklace

Being that it was my sister, and with her permission, of course, we saved the design and the molds and can now remake the pendant for custom orders.  Not all customers allow you to save the molds, and that is a topic that truly needs to be discussed between you and your jewelry designer-- so don't ever leave a jewelry store without discussing that when contracting out custom orders!

What we did with this pendant is actually re-create two pieces from the single design.  This is the bottom portion, and each stone sits inside of its own bezel.  There is a total diamond count of .60 carats of white diamonds.  Like a small container that holds the stone in place, almost framing it like a picture.  If you notice, they are all attached by very fine feather-like wisps of gold.

customer designed diamond necklace

And the top portion, a line of diamonds follows the same look and feel of the vintage bezel set design.  It has .39 ct total diamond weight in this pendant, and even though the image is shown in white gold, it can be made by hand in 14k yellow gold as well.

line of stones necklace

Jewelry is a true art. So, be sure to look at each piece that you have carefully before sending it off to wherever you donate your unwanted things.  That horribly ugly ring that your grandmother left you, while full of lovely memories we are sure, might just have some incredible stones that can be popped out and redone in a piece of jewelry you'll treasure forever.

remade jewelry from old stones

Here's proof of what can be created from a tray of unmatched stones.

If you're interested in redesigning jewelry, you can always give us a call.  We can't promise you that we're the fastest around, this is a process all done by hand so it's not an overnight job.  What we can promise you honest work, no need to worry about gems being switched for fake ones, fair prices and unique designs that aren't found "everywhere."

If you need help getting in touch with us, besides our number being on the about us page, send us an email:

Perhaps we'll create something wonderful together,


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