You're wondering about what a red string has to do with conceiving and fertility issues?

It all starts with our Matriarch, Rachel.

Rachel was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin, married to Jacob.

As found in the Book of Genesis 35:16-21, it tells of Rachel and how she died giving birth to Jacob’s 12th son, Benjamin, in the year 2198 (1560 BCE) at the age of 36. 

Jacob buried her in outside of Hebron, near Bethlehem.

Fast forward to present day, the tomb is now a place for prayer for women with any issues related to love, marriage, and especially children and child-birth.

red heart bracelet

Heart red string bracelet 


We've had hundreds of requests for red string bracelet for women and conception related issues of all sorts.  

Now, while there is no scientific proof that wearing a red string will grant you pregnancy's results, there is faith. And the scientific community is finally acknowledging the many benefits of wearing a red string.

It starts with faith, a very powerful medium.

Very powerful indeed.

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Red String Hamsa Bracelet

From all over the globe, from every nationality and every religious practice we've had people ordering the red string bracelet for fertility issues.

Your positive energy, your belief, your connection to aiding in positivity and hope are more powerful than anything you can possibly imagine.

And since there is nothing more than the power of hope involved, no drugs, or chemicals, there is nothing to lose.

It's knowing you're putting your trust in the universe. 

It's knowing you're connected to thousands of years of women who struggled with the same problem you are struggling with today, as did Rachel.

It's knowing that your friend, your loved one, or even if you purchased this bracelet for yourself, you are now a part of the community of women that share in the same challenge.

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