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Shema Israel Jewelry | Necklaces and Bracelets

Where do I buy Shema Israel Hebrew piece of  jewelry, and why would I wear one?

You're probably wondering about that since you're here on this page.

Hebrew jewelry with the biblical blessing, Shema Israel, from the Book of Deuteronomy 6:4, says "Hear O' Israel, the Lord is Our God, the Lord is One."

Read an in-depth article here all about the prayer itself.

In this post we're just going to share the individual pieces of jewelry with you.

How does that sound?

hebrew jewelry

Why would you want to wear jewelry with the words from Torah on them?

The answer we most often receive is that the words of God, the Torah, are close to your heart and soul.

They are there when you breathe, when you walk, sleep, talk. The words are there when you need them-- be them good or questionable.

hebrew shema israel jewelry for women

The words are there when you need physical and emotional comfort.

We've had more than a few customers buy the Shema bracelet for a loved one in the hospital.  One lady from Atlanta told us that she wanted her niece to one day open her eyes and the first thing to see is the Shema Israel bracelet on her wrist.

shema bracelet


 Aside from healing, the Shema Israel prayer jewelry is also worn for celebrations such as a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzah, when a young Jewish male or female takes on the commandments of Judaism.  Now, you don't have to be only 12 or 13 years old for this celebration, you can even be an adult or mature adult and read from the Torah, thus, taking on the commandments.

men's jewish jewelry

Doesn't he look handsome wearing the Shema prayer?

Of course he does!

leather shema bracelet

The leather bracelet (in black or brown leather) is great for either a man or a woman. It adjusts to fit small to large wrists, so it is unisex in nature.  Gorgeous in design!

silver bat mitzvah necklace

The Bat Mitzvah girls also love (and truthfully speaking) deserve a Shema Israel piece of jewelry.

The work and dedication of learning about their religion, how to read Hebrew and chant the prayers does include reciting the Shema Israel prayer. 

Therefore, it's the ideal, perfect, gift to give for a Bat Mitzvah when you really think of it.

And the pieces of jewelry look fabulous on, too!

shema jewelry for young girls

But, what if I am not a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah age person?

I am an adult and want to have a piece of my religion and faith on my body?

Oh, don't you worry!

We've got some pieces there for you!

shema necklace for women

Sexy, right?

(I wish my hair was constantly styled like this, too. Don't you?)

Seriously speaking, the Hebrew pieces of jewelry are designed to be worn everyday.  Mix them in with your good jewelry, your costume jewelry, just wear them!

shema silver necklace


shema bracelet for women

shema bracelet

Whatever your choices are, we hope you'll add a piece of jewelry that touches your heart and speaks to your soul.  And be proud of your faith.

rose gold shema necklace

But, why wouldn't you be?


Love to know your thoughts on wearing a Shema Israel piece of jewelry!

To see the entire collection of Hebrew Shema Israel jewelry, click here.

And here's a youtube video as well, showing you the designs up close and personal.

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