What does it mean to wear a red string on your wrist?


What does it mean to wear a red string on your wrist? - Alef Bet by Paula

Make wearing a

red string meaningful to you.

How can it impact your life?

The meaning of red bracelets are linked to good fortune, protection and good luck.  From all over the world, ancient wisdom has shown that the color red wards off negativity and attracts good luck.

red string of fate bracelets

Golden red string bracelet

Worn for good luck

Red is the auspicious color that boosts luck and wards off evil spirits. It is symbolic of good fortune, luck, vitality, celebration and prosperity.  It's also the color of movement, vitality, passion and love.

Perfect to wear on your wrist, moving with you as you go about your journey in life.

Worn for protection

Symbolic of ancient protection, the color red is associated with fire.  It stops harm, evil, negativity from entering your space.  It's a shield from negative energy and the evil eye. 

If you need the protection of divine love, a red string is for you.

Colors withing a red string bracelet

Manifest your Why

If you’re looking to make intentional space for more love, wisdom, protection, balance, serenity than a red string bracelet will support your endeavors.  Take a moment to question your why. 

Your personal reason makes wearing this bracelet more special.

Some people believe that to secure your great fortune, you must rely on a loved one or someone you trust to tie the bracelet. This doesn't have to be the case. Your decision to tie it yourself or by someone else is entirely personal preference.

Wear with purpose

Wear your bracelet on your left wrist, the same side as your heart.  The red string is there within eyesight, to remind you of your "why."  It is a delicate, protective amulet against evil, reminding you to be more mindful as you go about your day and to align yourself with the energies that support your well-being and values.

Ready to wear a red string bracelet?


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