Patriotism, Protection, Love of Country ...

American Flag with an Evil Eye

An evil eye is a multi-cultural symbol that watches over and protects us, warding off evil and harm.

Handmade glass amulets combined with our beautiful flag.

God Bless the USA.

Large Wall Hanging

Bold wall hanging measures 6" x 13".

Handmade artistic design of our American flag emboldened by an all-present, all-seeing eye to guide us and watch over us.

Hang in your home, office, school, gift to a loved one.

[Each pre-order included a free, matching keyring. No codes needed]

Introductory price: $32.00

Medium Wall Hanging

Medium wall hanging measures 4.5" x 11" of glass.

A slip knot holds an evil eye bead in blue, with an additional central eye to watch over and protect us, keeping harm far, far away.

[A matching keychain will be sent with each preorder. No codes needed.]

Introductory Price: $30

Small Wall Hanging

Small wall hanging measures 3.75" x 7.5"

Designed with a handmade Nazar evil eye on the top of the glass as well as one placed in the center of the flag.

Although smaller, the message is still the same:



*Love of country




[A matching keychain will be sent with each pre-order. No codes needed.]

Introductory Price $28.00


Each pre-order includes:

*an American Flag matching glass keychain

*10% of purchase donated to Operation Homefront