Hamsa Hand Amulets With Om and Lotus Flower

Amulets for Home, Work, Studio, Meditation Room and More

Have you been looking to decorate your yoga studio space, your zen or meditation room with the perfect artwork?

Let us introduce two wall hangings that not only combine the powers of a hamsa hand amulet with an evil eye, but also the OM sign. These very strong and powerful symbols, both in the spiritual and yoga worlds, are truly gorgeous!

Small Om Hamsa Wall Amulet

Not only beautiful to admire, but this glass wall hanging emits a powerful calmness, a zen-like feeling of peace, oneness, and enlightenment. But, it also is an amulet that offers protection, good wishes, prosperity and an abundance of blessings.

Peaceful and Tranquil

Adding a single hamsa hand amulet to your home or work space can transform your spiritual world

Large Om + Lotus Flower Evil Eye Wall Amulet

Within the lucky hamsa hand is an artistically designed display of intricate flowers, including a lotus flower.  An abundance of beauty, luck and love await your home when you display this amulet on its walls.  The word signifies the essence of the ultimate reality, consciousness or Atman of your soul, self within.

Meaning of OM + Hamsa Amulet

*An amulet is a good luck charm, a blessing of sorts that watches over and protects you, keeping harm far away.

*On the top of the glass is an evil eye. It never blinks, never sleeps and therefore is there to always watch over and protect you. It is often called a nazar boncuğu or mal de ojo.

*Hamsa Hand is a five-fingered amulet, this one faces upward, that pushes back harm and welcomes in peace, love, happiness and good health.

*The color blue is for protection.

*Om sits prominent in the center of the chamsa. It represents four states of consciousness: deep sleep, dreaming, wakefulness and bliss.

*Lotus flower represents rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. It refuses to accept defeat and each day resurrects itself despite any conditions it lives in.