Loving the Tiny Hamsa and Butterfly Choker Necklaces


Loving the Tiny Hamsa and Butterfly Choker Necklaces - Alef Bet by Paula

When you think of tiny pendants that sit high up on your neckline, do you think of hamsa amulet charms and butterflies?

You should!


I mean, come on-- how cute is this little butterfly charm?

Oh wait-- we have it in a hamsa charm too!

Check this out:

hamsa choker necklace

Tiny Hamsa charm

Cute or would you say adorable?

This butterfly and hamsa collection are small and meant to be that way, too.

They come on a 14" length chains but easily adjust another 3" with an extender, so that you can layer up other pieces with these.

Place the butterfly or hamsa on the top, and gradually "grow" you charm choice downward.  It's best to also increase the size of the pendant along with the length of the chain.

For example, the hamsa would sit up high, since it is a choker and measures 1/4". 

Under that, place a 16" chain with a 1/2" charm and so on and so forth.


layering hamsa jewelry


And stylish.

So, we know what a hamsa is all about, but if you want a refresher you can read about it on the blog here

Butterfly symbolism: now that is a new one here at Alef Bet, where we are known more for our Judaic jewelry. 

However, everyone loves a good butterfly, so it fits in perfectly as an amulet or spiritual pendant. You'll see once we explain the symbolism of this lovely and colorful insect.

A butterfly is symbolic of one's beauty in life.   

An everlasting transformation-- from chrysalis to a fully formed being, you too have the power to change and grow.

It is also the symbol of rebirth, renewal and moving through different stages in your life. And best of all, it's about finding joy and beauty in life. 

Wow, right!?

So, we hope you'll enjoy this new collection of adorable, tiny, little and cute charms in an array of colors from navy blue to purple, pink and turquoise.

Who will you gift these charms to?

Or will you buy one for yourself?

Let us know!

See the butterfly here and the hamsa here.

And here's to beauty, protection, good luck and finding joy in life!


butterfly necklaces for seeing beauty in life

Small butterfly necklaces




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