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The evil eye and karma, are they similar or related?  

Karma is a concept from Eastern spiritual traditions.  It refers to the idea that a person's actions and intentions have consequences that affect their future experiences.
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In general, it is believed that doing good deeds and having positive intentions can lead to positive outcomes, while negative actions and intentions can lead to negative consequences. 

Hence, karma.

The use of an evil eye or a good luck charm is a cultural practice that is believed to have an effect on one's luck or fortune. However, whether using such objects has any impact on one's karma depends on the intention behind their use.

If you don't have intention, well, let's say a "penny is just a penny instead of it being a lucky penny."

If one uses an evil eye with the intention of causing harm to others, it can be seen as a negative action that may have negative consequences on their karma.

On the other hand, if one uses a good luck charm with the intention of creating positive energy and good fortune for themselves and others, it can be seen as a positive action that may have positive consequences on their karma.

Ultimately, the impact of using such objects on one's karma depends on the intention behind their use, as well as the overall actions and intentions of the individual over time.

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Evil Eye Jewelry 

Is the evil eye associated with negative karma?

Some do believe that the use of an evil eye is associated with negative karma because it involves the intention to harm or bring misfortune to others. The idea behind the evil eye is that a person who gives an evil look or stare to another person can cause harm or bad luck.

This is the "act" of doing evil, differing from the use of an evil eye amulet or good luck charm.

Therefore, someone who intentionally uses evil to harm another person may accumulate negative karma.  Of which, could result in negative consequences in the future. In this case, wearing or hanging an evil eye will not change their karma for the better.  That can only be a result in shifting your intentions and actions to positive, thus resulting in change.

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 Evil Eye Glass Amulet

To improve one's karma, you must engage in positive actions and cultivate positive intentions. This may involve practicing kindness, compassion, generosity, and other virtuous behaviors. Additionally, cultivating mindfulness, self-reflection, and making amends for past wrongdoings can also contribute to a positive change in karma.

The evil eye amulet can serve as a visual reminder to focus on positive intentions and actions, and to be mindful of the impact one's behavior has on others.

By using the amulet as a symbol of personal growth and transformation, it can help reinforce the idea that one has the power to change their karma.  And make a change for the better by making conscious choices aligned with kindness, compassion, and positive energy.

Ultimately, it's the individual's mindset and actions that contribute to positive karma, and the amulet can serve as a visual aid in that process.

While amulets and symbols can hold cultural and personal significance, it is important to remember that their power lies in the meaning and intention one assigns to them. Wearing an evil eye amulet alone may not inherently change one's karma; it is the conscious effort to transform one's thoughts, intentions, and actions that can lead to a positive shift in karma.

And it sure would help to have a gorgeous reminder, wouldn't it?

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