Evil Eye Small Charm for Life's Car Ride


Evil Eye Small Charm for Life's Car Ride - Alef Bet by Paula

Remember that feeling when your child first got behind the wheel? Or when you sat down in your brand-new car? 

The deep pitted nervousness of please don't let anything happen to me or my child -- it is a REAL "thing."

That's exactly why you need an evil eye rearview mirror car charm.  

Your feeling of pitted nervousness, sometimes called anxiety, or motherhood syndrome of always worrying, is absorbed by the amulet.  I know, you're thinking I am weird. That's ok.

My kids think the same of me, and sometimes my husband too.

evil eye car charm

Evil Eye Handmade Car Charm 

But, an evil eye amulet is there to protect you.  It's there to calm your inner fears by stopping any evil meant for you.  It watches over you, or whomever has it hanging in the car, and protects you from the harm we cannot see.

Now, I know any protection is helpful.  That's exactly why you'll enjoy this ancient amulet.  If people thousands of years ago used it, believed in it, and are still using it today, then why the heck not give it a try?

Our amulets are crafted 100% by hand.  We have a small factory that makes the glass and knots each charm, so basically each glass eye is unique onto itself.

The smaller beads are placed as a design element, but also carry the blessings of an evil eye amulet.  Referred to as a Nazar eye, mal de ojo, or Mati they watch over each and everyone one of us, blessing us, and protecting us. 

Evil eye small hanging charms are delightful and full of the powers that only an evil eye can have.  However, you might say to yourself that you don't want it for your car.  You have other decorative ideas for it.

That's totally fine too!

Many people use the evil eye charm for weddings, party favor, christenings, and birthday gifts. Basically, anywhere that you need a little extra luck.  Hang from a door, a thumbtack in a wall, place on a desk the sky is the limit.

If you're having a party, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a baby shower and you want an evil eye themed event, here's an idea.  Take one of the knotted charms and wrap it around the napkin.  It's elegant and will be put to great use!

pinterest evil eye

Photo credit: Pinterest

To open the evil eye hanging charm, simply slide the slip knot to open and close. Place over the car mirror, and adjust the length. 

The eyes also come inside of a hamsa hand amulet. This is also a protective amulet for your car, home, or to give as a small gift to anyone.  It works in the same manner, to watch over and deflect any harm sent your way.  

hamsa car charm

Glass Evil Eye and Hamsa Car Charm on Amazon

Whatever your choice of amulets to use for your car, we just want you to be safe.  We want you to drive safely and whatever keeps harm and evil far, far, far away is worth it!

So, we hope you won't wait too long to visit the entire collection of evil eye charms for your home and car.  They are beautiful, and worth having one all over your house!

Be safe out there!


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