Hate Crime Jersey City Against Jews | What Can We Do?


Hate Crime Jersey City Against Jews | What Can We Do? - Alef Bet by Paula

“It was a targeted attack on the Jewish kosher deli,” Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said at a press conference Wednesday, citing an “extensive review” of city security cameras. As reported in Time Magazine.

So, yes this was a Hate Crime.

Against Jews.

December 10, 2019 it was a legitimate antisemitic, hate crime that targeted Jews in Jersey City.

Mindy Ferencz, Moshe Deutsch and Douglas Miguel Rodriguez and Detective Joseph Seals of the Jersey City Police Department all were taken from our lives on the tragic day of December 10, 2019.


The shooters, the killers, the sick individuals were identified, you can read about them here. They had ties to the Black Hebrews, a supremacist group.

But, what can we do about this?

How can we take action to prevent future acts of violence against others?


Whoever destroys a single life is considered by Scripture to have destroyed the whole world, and whoever saves a single life is considered by Scripture to have saved the whole world

"Save a life, save the world"

- Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5; Yerushalmi Talmud 4:9, Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 37a.

What does this mean to us?

What if we can change the way one person thinks/acts/behaves?

Then we have saved the world.

Alef Bet Jewelry has donated in the past, read about it here, and will continue to donate in the present and future, to educate our youth about tolerance, love and respect for other people, religions, cultures and sexual genders.

That is why 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum's education program.

The museum has a free program in Los Angeles that educates the future, our children, about the Holocaust.  About what antisemitism did and will continue to do to our world.

Please join Alef Bet in purchasing this small Jewish Star necklace.

100% of the profit will sponsor a child, our future, to combating hatred.

It costs $50 to bring a child to the museum-- that includes the lesson plans provided to the teacher and the actual field trip to the museum.

Let's bring a classroom.

One life can save the world.

And to the families and victims in Jersey City, our heart breaks for your loss and our sorrow and pain as a community is felt worldwide, for we are all one.

wear a star in solidarity

*Alef Bet Jewelry has no affiliation with the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.  If you would like to set up a donation program, please contact Paula at Alef Bet Jewelry. 


Purchase the Star Necklace here:

star david jewish





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