Here's the Hebrew Name Necklace Made Famous on Instagram


Here's the Hebrew Name Necklace Made Famous on Instagram - Alef Bet by Paula

You've been searching the internet for a necklace with a Hebrew name. 

Google, Amazon, Etsy all appear when you search---- and they each show you the same personalized Hebrew name necklace.

They do look good, and they make a lovely Bat Mitzvah gift.

But, what if you're looking for something edgy?


Personal Hebrew jewelry that isn't on the average Jewish teenage neck?


A Hebrew initial charm?

Tal Gerber Style wearing a Tet Letter for her name: Tal


hebrew in new york

Stunning Hebrew name on a gold chain.

It's just the perfect "adult" necklace to walk down the streets of Manhattan, or to wear on a snowy day when color is "everything!"

hebrew initial letter in gold long chain

The letter Bet for Betty on a long paperclip chain.

letter bet on paperclip chain

Styling Hebrew jewelry shouldn't be difficult.

And as you can see, it isn't.

Instead, it's bold, edgy, chic and WOW!

It makes a statement.

But, why would you have a Hebrew name?

I mean, does everyone have a name in Hebrew?


Not everyone.

Jewish tradition names a baby after a loved one, or in honor of a loved one.  It is a way to carry one's memory from generation to generation.  

Of course, as Jews have moved from continent to continent and country to country, they adopt the cultures and names of the place they are living in, but will almost always have a Hebrew name.  For example, Tova would become Toby or Yehudit would become Judith.  Chaim would become Harry and Mendel would transfer over to possibly Max.

So, it's that culture we honor here.

The preservation of a Hebrew name.

But, what if we don't have a Hebrew name and we aren't Jewish?

Can we wear a Hebrew initial still?

Would that be ok?

And the answer in all caps is YES!

shin for sharon

Sharon isn't Jewish and her Shin for Sharon is on-point.

She told us, "as a Christian woman, I respect the Jewish faith and hold it close to my heart."

We think that is beautiful, and she is a strong, fashionable mom-of-4!

yardena's closet

And Yardena, of Yardena's closet, also a new mom, is wearing her YUD.  

This is on a micro paperclip chain, a more minimal look that is equally as stunning.

And, since we're talking chains...

So, Yardena has the micro paperclip chain on.

thin chain with hebrew initial

And Hebrew Lesson has on the medium paperclip chain.

Her name is Miriam, so she has a mem.

hebrewlesson mem for miriam

The chain is a bit heavier, so a more bold look.  

This is worn at 24", so it's easy to drape over your head and layer as shown.

raish hebrew for rachel

If you don't know the chosen letter for your name in Hebrew, just ask.

We have Hebrew letters in silver and gold and with each letter unique to your name, we've got you covered.

From Alissa to Zara (that's alef to Zayin) or Esther to Tamar (alef to taf), we've got your letter.  And here's another tidbit of information-- Yiddish letters are the same alphabet as Hebrew.

So, if you're concerned your name is Yiddish and not Hebrew-- put your troubles aside.  Shayna and Gittels are covered with Alef Bet Jewelry's Hebrew initial collection of necklaces.

sold individually letters in hebrew

And one more thing-- if you'd don't need a chain, just purchase the Hebrew letter.

No need to buy something you won't use, right?

That's exactly what @aryeh23 did.

See the letters here.

betty wearing alef bet jewelry

It's time to take ownership of personalized jewelry that speaks right to us-- our past, our future, our heritage, our religious faith, and our style.

pamela pekerman hustle like a mom

Next time you're thinking of how to connect to your Judaism, look no further than Alef Bet's Hebrew initial jewelry collection.

hebrew designer jewelry by alef bet

It's not your average piece of jewelry, right?

What's your Hebrew name?

Shop the entire collection exclusively by Alef Bet Jewelry.




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