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Love Square Necklace - Alef Bet by Paula
Love square necklace with a Jewish star of David is a very special, and meaningful piece of jewelry.  If you're wondering how this piece of Judaic jewelry was created, take a read with us.
In 2021 I went to Israel, twice.
And neither time did I see the iconic LOVE statue in at the Israel Museum.
love statue in israel
The letters spell out AHAVA, which is LOVE in Hebrew. They are stacked up like a perfect box. Of course, love should be this perfect too, right? Sculpture Robert Indiana’s created this 13-foot-tall steel monument in 1978. It's been at the museum ever since.
Since I never saw it in person, that doesn't mean it doesn't influence our designs. But, ahava is already "out there" in the world, especially as jewelry.
So we tweaked it and changed it up, taking inspiration from Robert Indiana and our own love star necklace. Where the letters spell out LOVE, but the O is a Jewish star of David. And created a love square necklace.
Each letter is the same size, making the square the exact size.  And the star in place of the O in LOVE, is set with high-quality cubic zirconia gemstones.  If you'd like to learn more about what cz stones are, watch Alef Bet's tiktok video.  These stones will never dull or lose their luster.  
star love necklace alef bet
The original necklace we drew out was for Bat Mitzvah gifts as the main target audience. Boy, were we proven wrong.
And, that's OK by us! Trust me!
It's worn by mothers, teenagers, Bat Mitzvah age girls, and young adults. It's an expression of loving your faith. Combining your own personal beauty, sharing it with Judaism, and pride.
And we're so proud that now you can also wear your love star necklace all stacked up.
Perhaps think of it as your Israel-inspired faith-based love necklace?
We're thrilled if you.
We'll also be thrilled if you're wearing a star of David necklace at all. Showing the world how proud you are of your Jewish faith, that is what we call beautiful.
ahava in english necklace

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