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Can You Give an Evil Eye for Healing?

Can You Give an Evil Eye for Healing?

If someone you love is recovering, perhaps the gift of an evil eye charm can bring about a swift and total recovery.  From ancient times to modern days a lucky blue eye has played many roles in healing.  Come explore with us.

What is the Meaning of an Evil Eye and What Do the Colors Represent?

Why are there so many colors associated with evil eyes?  The basic, most popular is the blue or cobalt blue eye that is traditionally found on jewelry and clothing.
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Red String Bracelet? What is It Exactly?

The beliefs and traditions of wearing a spiritual red string bracelet across many cultures world-wide all comes down to one main theme: protection.  The colorful red hues of the string guide us, watch over us and our loved ones.

Would You Wear an Evil Eye or Hamsa Bangle Bracelet?

What about wearing an amulet bangle bracelet that sports an evil eye or a hamsa? These colorful bracelets are so attractive, why wouldn't you wear them? That really should be... Read More
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