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12 Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters for all 8 Nights of Hanukkah

When did ugly sweaters become so popular?

Ugly is as ugly gets, but let's not miss this season of hilarious holiday sweaters-- an extensive list of our top finds on Walmart, Target, Amazon and even for your cats and dogs.

Ugly Hanukkah sweater help to the rescue!

For the kids there is always the dinosaur-themed sweater on Etsy:

hanukkah menorasaurus sweater

This one is from Target, but to be honest, it's an oldie-- but a goodie.

I was concentrating more on the model's fake mustache.  You should enlarge and get a laugh!

target ugly hanukkah sweater

 The best selection around has to be found on Tipsy Elves-- totally will blow your mind how fabulously ugly of a collection they have!

cat hanukkah

And of course, don't forget the selection of Vintage Hanukkah sweaters:

vintage hanukkha tee

And musical playing sweaters that will rock your dreidle. You didn't really believe me that there are musical sweaters, did you?  But there should be!

Here's a close second on Amazon:

they see me rollin hanukkah sweater

Of course you wouldn't want to leave your dog out of looking the part for Hanukkah, but leave it to to come up with a solution for keeping the entire family festive.ugly dog hanukkah clothing

 How about Hidden Valley Ranch?

Yes, the dressing place! They launched a line of ranch clothing that would be perfect for the chicken nugget lover in your life.

chicken nugget hanukkah ranch lover


Walmart has the cardigan selection of the ugly Hanukkah garb down pat.

walmart ugly hanukkah clothing

Tacky Hanukkah sweaters, there are many choices for these as well.  

Take this for example:

tacky hanukkah

And for the man in your life that should be, I mean rather be, in Hawaii instead of wherever he is, this one is for him.

 hawaii shirt for hanukkah men

And for the DIY person that wouldn't want to ruin a good shirt but must partake in the fun, here are some $12.00 pins that you can put on well, anything you already own.  No grinch of Hanukkah here!

diy hanukkah sweater

Of course, we won't want to leave out the family that celebrates both holidays and wears an ugly Christmas and an ugly Hanukkah sweater.

Conquer both of them with one design:

chrismukkah ugly sweater

And that wraps up the list of the 12 ugliest Hanukkah sweaters for you to enjoy.

Let us know which you are buying this year, or send us a link/picture of your favorite online find of ugly holiday clothing.

Happy Hanukkah!

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