Evil Eye Wall Decor with Color

An evil eye amulet deflects any harm or evil, not allowing it to come close to you or your loved ones.  It is typically hung in a home, or business to always bless you.

colorful evil eye wall decor

The colors of an evil eye amulet are not only beautiful to admire, but each color holds a different meaning above and beyond the traditional protection against evil.


I LOVE my Evil Eye wall hanging. I bought the red one and it is truly a work of art. The colors are vibrant! - Linda Bublick

yellow evil eye amulet for home


  • Yellow is for good health, concentration, and relief from exhaustion
  • Light blue is for inner peace, solitude, and to broaden your outlook on life
  • Pink is for love, friendship, and calming feelings
  • Navy blue is for good karma, relaxation, and open flows of communication
  • Red is for conquering fear and anxiety, courage and enthusiasm 
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    Absolutely Beautiful

    This piece of artwork is absolutely beautiful. -Quinn Bosket

    Handmade in glass, the eye decor is available in 5 different colors and in 2 sizes.  Mix and match the colors, or just add one anywhere in your home or garden and feel your blessings and luck improve.

    Purchase today starting at $19.99

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    If you're wondering where to hang your glass amulet, here are some ideas--

    • Over a doorway
    • Hallway
    • Bedroom
    • Kitchen
    • Garden wall
    • Outdoor kitchen
    • Home office
    • Family room
    • Living room
    • Place of Business

    The wall blessings are also lovely new home gifts, hostess gifts that will last a lifetime, birthday presents and holiday gifts.  

    May you always be blessed with good health, prosperity, luck, happiness, love, and good fortune.

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