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I have always loved alefbet products. My evil eye bracket is no exception. I wear it all the time.

Beautiful rose gold bracelet

Toe rose gold color is so deep it’s mesmerizing. The amulet with the silvery stone setting encircling the smooth-carved Hebrew design is beautiful. I’m not Jewish, but have always been enthralled by the beliefs (and the food, by the way 😉) So I’m very much enjoying my bracelet. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much ladies!

Evil eyes bracelet silver

I loved it until it broke on me, haven’t even wore it a week..

My purchased items

I love the items that I ordered!❤️❤️
In fact I’ll be ordering more items.

Thank you,

Love Necklace

Love the necklace, very pretty and delicate. My only suggestion would be for it to be even just 1 in longer.

It’s stays in place. I’ve gotten so many compliments of how beautiful it is.

Delicate bracelet

I was concerned that the bracelet would be too delicate and I might break it, but it was so pretty I went ahead and gave it a chance. It was a bit different than the one in the picture. It came with a ball chain which seems to be sturdier than what I thought it would be. I love the simple design and will wear it often.

My Car Evil Eye

I really love my beautifully made evil eye that I put in my car. Great quality!

It was a gift for a friend for her new home.

She love it!

Absolutely beautiful!

When I preordered the necklace, I thought the necklace was neat! Once I received it, oh my it’s beautiful!! You all never cease to amaze me!

Broken bracelet

I sent a picture with the broken bracelet
Is missing the piece to close it

Good things come in small packages

Good things come in small packages-these earrings are small, but make a big statement. The colors are beautiful. They make me happy just looking at them. Can be worn with the hands up or down.

Evil Eye Bracelet

What can I say but bravo for providing your costumers with some of the best Judaic items. They always arrive in a timely manner and in the best way possible. I have always loved everything you have on your website and just wish I could order everything you have!
Thank you for providing all of us with your creativity and quality.

Delicate and colorful

I love my evil eye lucky glass bead necklace. It is stylish, colorful, and delicate. It is a very unique piece of jewelry and goes with so many of my outfits. I'm considering ordering one for my daughter.

What a great gift for my granddaughter.

My granddaughter saw my glass evil eye in my living room window and thought it was so neat. I told her the story of how it deflects any evil or ill will simply by being there. She said , 'Well, I want to hang one on my bedroom door.' I was happy to get her this beautiful small evil eye as a gift. We LOVE them!!

Perfect gift to myself

I am in love with this necklace. I wanted to treat myself to something nice and had been looking at Hamsa's. This is the perfect size. The chain was too short, but I had a different chain at home that worked wonderfully. I wear this every day.

Beautiful USA Keychain

This is the prettiest keychain I’ve ever seen or owned! The flag representation is gorgeous and made beautifully. I couldn’t be happier to have this one! 🥰

Love it

I absolutely love my bracelet. It’s small and dainty and has just the right amount of sparkle. I plan to just keep it on. I have to say your customer service is fantastic. When I first received my bracelet the string was so long that I couldn’t wear it. When I let you know and you said if I would send it back you would adjust the string I couldn’t believe it. I received it back in record time today and it’s perfect. I have no doubt I will purchase from you in the future.

Red String of Fate Bracelet

I love the quality of the bracelet and the center stone gives it just the right amount of pop without looking too much. My friend absolutely loves it!
I've never been unhappy with my purchase from Alef Bet as the quality of their products exceeds all others.
Thank you to Alef Bet for all their Judaic jewelry and other products.


Thank you for the opportunity to provide a review. I actually bought 2 bracelets. One for myself and I for my cousin. I do like the bracelet as well as the hanging wall hands. Thank you so much!

Rose Gold Beaded/Ball Bracelets

Very lovely,striking rose gold graduated bead bracelet (s). The color tone of the rose gold is beautiful and dry eye catching..I’ve had numerous compliments on the 3 bead bracelets that I bought in graduated sizes. Thank you so much for all the personal effort you have put into making these and in communicating so as to get every detail right. I am so very pleased!


I absolutely love this bracelet. I wear all day and night. My daughter tries to take it from me.

I love my new hamsa necklace. It small, dainty and sparkly. Great for layering but I wear mine alone. Once again, a beautiful piece of jewelry. I love everything I’ve gotten from you. Thanks so much!


I have purchased many things from Alafbet, mostly gifts. This is a gift too, but I could easily keep it!!!