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seal of solomon silver necklace
  • seal of solomon silver necklace
  • Seal of Solomon Pendant
  • Seal of Solomon Pendant
  • Seal of Solomon Pendant
  • Seal of Solomon Pendant

Seal of Solomon Pendant

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  • Double sided Seal of Solomon amulet features both the Fourth Pentacle and Sixth Pentacle of Jupiter.
  • The Fourth Pentacle is worn to acquire wealth and honor
  • The Sixth Pentacle of Jupiter is worn for protection against earthly danger.
  • Made of solid 925 sterling silver, a precious metal that will delight you for years and years
  • Pendant weighs 18 grams
  • Chain is a darkened, antique-like rolo chain that can be adjusted to your desired length

SEALS OF SOLOMON jewelry make touching and meaningful gifts, and legend has it that you can only gift these amulets—not to be purchased for one’s self.

They are commonly worn by believers of all religions in the modern world, and combine Hebrew, Greek, Latin and Arabic phrases, as well as astrological and geometric symbols.

Used by alchemists, astrologers and metaphysical practitioners, the symbols have received many interpretations over the centuries, but never has anyone doubted the powers behind the symbols as inscribed on these talismans.


  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Pendant Size: 1.5" x 2"
  • Necklace Length: 24" with option to adjust length


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